Linking ERP

Do you know, Finsys is one of the very few ERP Softwares which have created the technology to link the Weighing machines to your ERP.

We have an idea for you too.Linking ERP

Linking ERP to Special Computer controlled Weighing Machines.

  • So that data of product weight will be saved by Machine to a computer.
  • And Finsys ERP will read that data from that computer, and take it to the data entry screen.
  • Benefit : ease in counting : Example : You are shipping 24 Electronic LED Bulbs in a master packing, and one of the monocartons is empty by chance. How to prevent this risk ?
  • Similarly, if you have to pack 200 small O-Rings in a packet, how to control that the Quantity is Right or just Right ?
  • This technology helps you in many many ways.