Bar Codes – On Raw Materials

Do you know that now Finsys has implemented Bar Code based Raw Material Issue in over 46 companies till now.

All these companies have now implemented “Near Perfect” FIFO based material issue.

These companies have also been successful assuring Perfect Traceability of each Batch of production.

These can help a company in managing the business in a good organized way.

Traceability is enabled

FIFO is enabled.

Wastage go down,

Reconciliations get easier.

They are available to all companies changing their Gears to the Unstoppable future.


Bar Codes – on Raw Materials


  1. Bar Coded Tags made and printed automatically at the stage of Material receipt
  2. Scanners used for
    1. issue of Raw Material , from stores to production floor
    2. return of material from production floor to stores
    3. return of material to vendor
  3. Helps in Batch wise Stock Traceability and FIFO / FEFO.
  4. Applicable in all Industries.
  5. Successful Results in Manufacturers of Steel auto components, Plastic Moulded components, Rubber moulded/extruded components, Corrugation, Laminate Flexible Packaging, Artificial Leather, and Pharma.