Sales Leads

Sales Leads are always important lifeline of every business.

And working on each lead is important.

What if ?,.. you “forget” a lead…. Or remember too late, when the competition has already clinched a deal that should have been yours… only because, you did not monitor the followup properly.

Finsys ERP has two solutions for you

  • Pre Sales CRM Part 1:- Quotation Management
    • Sending a one page Financial Quote to the Customer via the ERP. ( excluding any technical specs)
    • Pre-Sales – Make, edit/save/print/ email the Sales Quotations
    • Database of the past quotations
    • Online approval of the Quotations before sending to the customer
    • Single repository of the Quotation so that confusions are avoided.


  • Pre Sales CRM Part 2 :- Enquiry Management + Quotation Management
    • Pre-Sales CRM
    • Enquiries Management,
    • Lead Tracking,
    • Business Development,
    • Sample Development,
    • Opportunity Conversion,

Conversation Capturing,