KANBAN System in Finsys

Origin of kanBan :-

Kanban (literally signboard or billboard in Chinese and Japanese) is a scheduling system for lean manufacturing and Just-in-Time manufacturing (JIT).

Kanban aligns inventory levels with actual consumption. A signal tells a supplier to produce and deliver a new shipment when material is consumed. These signals are tracked through the replenishment cycle, bringing visibility to the supplier, consumer, and buyer.


Kanban (看板)  —

Towards JIT ( Just in Time ) Using Finsys ERP Executive Summary

The Stores / PPC just scans the bin card and , automatic Purchase Schedule is made in Finsys ERP.

Vendor gets the email with the following details  :- 

  1. Required Material
  2. Required Quantity
  3. Delivery Time (Standard EOQ Qnty/Prescribed Time)

Functionality :-

  • Stores / PPC just scans the bin card
  • Automatic Purchase Schedule is made
  • Automatic approved
  • Automatic Quantity – the EOQ(Economic Order Qnty) in the System
  • Automatic Email to approved vendor to supply within prescribed time

Benefits : –

  • Automation (Reduced Work)
  • Faster process (Saves time)
  • Lower stock, lower inventory (So, reduces the money invested)
  • Promotes Just-in-Time practice for vendors

Focused industries :- 

  • Electronic Parts manufacturers
  • Electric equipment manufacturer
  • Auto components – Rubber, plastic, steel
  • Chemicals manufacturers
  • Anybody, anywhere Who has PO already, and will like to give schedule to vendor at “same rate” and a particular standard “Qty”
  • Packaging Industry for Inks and Adhesives
  • All companies for any spare part

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