Specialised Industry specific ERP

When we do work for a particular industry, over and over again… we develop a level of expertise in that line.

We know the in’s and Out’s. Problems and their Solutions. Exact language and terms used in that industry and we model the Software accordingly.

So, your Finsys ERP has some very specialised offerings. With our industry-specific ERP, we are offering industry solutions that come with knowledge and expertise in that particular vertical because of previous experience.

So, Less time customizing, fewer hurdles and more acceptance. Finsys provide highly effective mid-market management systems for businesses in manufacturing and distribution.

Our industry expertise is built into our software, making it quick to install and easy to use. And because it is built for a specific industry, it will work right out of the box.

An understanding of business needs: Further, Industry-Specific ERP systems are designed by those with a better understanding of a particular business. With minimal customization, sector-specific ERP solutions are easy on the pocket compared to generic solutions. Fast and furious on the implementation front:

Sometimes, With a generic ERP system, a lot of time is lost understanding business processes and configuring them. With most features and industry specific business processes enabled in sector-specific ERP, a lot of time is saved.

Bountiful benefits: Some other plus points include benefiting by adopting the industry’s best practices, the ability to retain your unique processes and domain knowledge, the ability to bargain for more sector-specific services, etc. Another point to consider is that with generic solutions, the ERP vendor supports the product while the implementation partner supports the customization and enhancement. But with sector-specific systems, the ERP vendor can support the product as well as the implementation and customization.