CNC & V.M.C. Machining Centres

Specialised ERP software system for Machining Industry

Finsys ERP is one of the Successful and trusted ERP solution is serving Gear manufacturing industry, Automotive Parts, Steel Parts, Non Ferrous Parts, over CNC, VMC, Traditional Lathe and Trobb work centres.  Finsys ERP is successfully for more than 27 years now.

Focus continues all processes from Gate to Gate

Purchase, sales , stores, QC inwards, QC outwards, QC in process. linked to Accounts as well . Now the core area we come back to is PRODUCTION AND PPC.

you can see how the ERP is working in the screens below

All Machining industries do facing a lot of challenges and are constantly pressured to reduce labor costs, while maintaining impeccable quality. In the machining industry when any individual product can go through a variety of differing machining operations, all it takes is one downstream operation to be out of tolerance and all the earlier operations became a costly waste of materials, money, capacity and resources. So, Finsys ERP helps you across all stages… maintaining account of material and also cost.

CNC & V.M.C. Machining Centres

Key Features

  • Multi Branch Functionality
  • Sales Enquires & Quotation
  • Sales Order Scheduling
  • Sales Order Short Close
  • Multi Level BOM
  • Final Production Quality Control
  • Production Planning
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Auto Material Requisition
  • Auto Indenting Production Costing
  • Wastage Generation
  • Purchase Order Scheduling
  • Rack wise Inventory Maintenance
  • Purchase Order Short Close
  • Warehouse to Warehouse Stock Transfer
  • RFQ (Request for Quotation)
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Inward Test Quality Control
  • Transaction Approval
  • In-Process Quality Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Final Production Quality Control
  • Menu wise Access rights
  • Inward Test Quality Control
  • In-Process Quality Control
  • Outward Test Quality Control
  • Role wise Security Access
  • Online User Tracking
  • Audit Trail – User Transaction History
  • Functions
  • Admin & Masters Management
  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Store Management
  • Bill of Material Management
  • Planning Management
  • Production Management
  • Quality Management
  • Jobwork Management
  • Billing Management
  • Accounts Management
  • 600 Managing Directors cannot be wrong.
  • Software made by the Steel Auto component Machining Industry for themselves . It has to be good.