The technology and art of packaging has a logical origin, arising from the need for processed products to be conveniently transported and stored with no damage. Packaging serves two purposes – promoting the product and protecting it.

Packaging Since the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century, packaging became anPackaging important tool for marketing. At that time, so many new products were being manufactured that the consumer had a variety of choices. Often the package determined whether one product would be purchased over another. Nowadays, packaging design is transforming from a creative process to a technical and functional process. Everything from the shape of the packaging to the position and color of the graphics is based around costs and ease of production, transportation and delivery.

In such a scenario of cutting edge technology, there is a cut throat competition. We at FINSYS, identify your needs and provide you with the best solution to give you a better hold over your business processes.

The Indian Corrugated Box manufacturing industry is presently worth INR 15,000 crore. The growing Indian middle class and changing lifestyles have witnessed the corrugated box industry increasing by 12-14% annually in the past five years.

Corrugated Packaging, which is not only used as shipping containers but also as Display and shelf ready packaging plays a vital role in the Supply Chain Management to ensure safe transportation & marketing of goods.

Emerging Trends

To meet the growing demand for international quality packaging, Corrugated packaging manufacturers in India are speedily moving on the path of modernization – adopting evolving technologies, installing high speed automatic machines, ensuring quality assurance and incorporating management systems and techniques for efficient operation of the plants.

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