ERP Software for EPC & Infrastructure

Finsys ERP is serving EPC companies in areas like (a) Engineering Construction , example Contractors of Water Pipelines for Thermal Power Plants (b) Contractors of Solar Power Plant EPC (c) Contractors of Steel Rolling Mill Machinery Manufacture and its all EPC activities.

EPC & Infrastructure

Our Customers feel that Finsys ERP Software for project, inventory, sales, accounting and management is an extremely cost-effective construction (infrastructure) industry software solution that addresses all the financial accounting, departmental, tax compliance, project management, marketing, after sales, supplier, inventory and operational requirements of companies within this industry sector.

It is modular, flexible and powerful and its built-in scalability means that as your construction business needs increase, it will grow with you.

From goods-in to dispatch, .. Finsys ERP software promotes efficient inventory management and timely delivery. Large product catalogues are easily maintained and the system will automatically generate inter-site transfers, back-to-back orders and drop ship delivery instructions for non-stock items

User-friendliness, fast accessibility of data, intuitive ergonomics and transparent menu-structures are some of the most distinctive attributes of Finsys ERP.

Finsys ERP is useful for Construction Industry, Project Industry, Builders & any type of Infrastructure Industry.

Finsys ERP has developed basic framework of software as customized project and later our system designing team has upgraded in advance Infrastructure ERP.

Our Management Information “Dashboards” provide the answers. Easily mastered, our software will give fresh insights into key performance measures for your business.

Key Modules & Features for EPC & INFRA Industry

  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Contract and Project Execution
  • Instant, total access to project progress
  • Maintain complete Project details (name, code, type, status, unit of measurement, etc.)
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Work Progress Management