N Computing Thin Clients.. for Finsys ERP.. for Users (Publish dt Dec 2023 )


| Reduce capital Cost by 70% | Reduce Hassles by 95% | Reduce Electricity Cost by 90% | Reduce E-waste by 95% |

{ Recommendations Dated 28th December 2023 }

We have experienced about 55 Companies who moved between June 2022 to October 2023

Either From inhouse server to Oracle Cloud for “database”, Or, from AWS / others to Oracle Cloud for Database

Recommendation is to “Shift to Oracle Cloud for Backend Server” :

This is our suggestion due to various success stories and experience at this stage of our Evolution.

Detailed reasons are as under





for Web Finsys users : There are Two compulsory servers : One is Application Server, Second is Database server

for Main VB Finsys users : There is One  servers : The Database server

Application server should be on : Azure Cloud with E2E Networks Limited,  https://www.e2enetworks.com/, or can be on AWS also as in past

Detailed comparison of AWS and E2E Networks on  our May 2023 post : https://finsys.co.in/cloud-server-for-finsys-erp-recommendation-dt-may-2023

in case you use “Main exe” you do not need the Application server, hence please shift focus to point “2” below

Action point : Backend Server : Database

Oracle cloud is The BEST Option as of 7-Oct-2023 for the Backend server, if your company has more than 20 users, and has more than 1 location and wants to avoid the hassle of keeping inhouse server, plus its costly Softwares, Plus its UPS, plus its 24×7 electricity and high end Internet Bandwidth and Static IP etc etc

Oracle Server Service = very good. No Doubts

Remember to take 1 OCPU per 50 users you have

Oracle Database licence = included

This is a big Benefit, you save Lakhs of Rupees in the Oracle Database Licences. The cost of Database licence is almost nil, if you purchase the Oracle Cloud services from OCI

Reasons ?

“Oracle Linux” based Server = This has technical benefit
“Oracle Sun Microsystems” based Hardware Server = This has technical benefits
“Oracle Database Licence” based Server = This has technical benefit
“Oracle cost is included” in this Server = This has Financial + Technical benefit
More RAM , more Efficiency = This has technical benefit
Very low cost of Hard Disk Space = This has Financial benefit
Facility to use Oracle Standard Edition = This edition costs Rs 4 lakhs in ESL, and upto 14-15 lakhs for FUDA licence based on the server you have for “unlimited users” … And you know what.. you can use this for just Rs x  pm onwards… for a company with 20 to 60 plus users.. this is excellent service, excellent performance


Facility to use Oracle Enterprise Edition = This edition costs anywhere from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs based on the server you have for “unlimited users” … And you know what.. you can use this for just Rs 30000 pm onwards… for a company with 100 plus users.. this is excellent service, excellent performance


Our Recommendation ?

Best Combination of Cloud Servers, in our view for Finsys ERP Customers ?

A : Database on Oracle Cloud

B : Front end application on E2E Networks / Azure / AWS ( but with some risks, as per page link given in part 1 above.

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Cloud Server for Finsys ERP,  Oracle Cloud

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Cloud server for Finsys ERP – Recommendation – Oracle Cloud is the Best