N Computing 2023 for Finsys Users – Thin Client – OK


| Reduce capital Cost by 70% | Reduce Hassles by 95% | Reduce Electricity Cost by 90% | Reduce E-waste by 95% |

{ Recommendations Dated 28th December 2023 }

We have experienced about 100+ Companies who are using N Computing in last 20 years  ..

we at Finsys, are ourselves are using N Computing since 2004



Recommendation is to “Shift to N Computing  for “Users” :

This is our suggestion due to various success stories and experience at this stage of our Evolution.

Detailed reasons are as under





for Finsys users : There are Three Options : Use Desktop, Laptop, Tab/Mobile , or Thin Client.

You can use Thin Client to save time and Save Money

Finsys Authorised Reseller for All India : Mr Chanchal Deswal, CEO, KCIS India : +91 9716149573 

KCIS :https://www.kcisindia.com/




The response has been so overwhelmingly positive
that we decided to share with you some of the kind words.

The combination of simple implementation, low management overhead, and low costs is coupled with a high-quality PC experience.

NComputing Vendor Profile


NComputing allowed us to be smart without worrying about buying lots of clunky kit and hiring more IT staff.

Matthew Evans
IT Director
Explore Learning

We haven’t had to do any work on a student device the entire year, which is pretty incredible. It’s like nothing I’ve ever supported before.

Todd Pilch
Technology Director
Sisters School District

NComputing devices and software deployed at ESIC hospitals ensure effective and optimum utilization of resources at minimum cost to ESIC beneficiaries

Ashok Tripathy
General Manager
WIPRO Infotech

The fast deployment-followed by cost benefit, zero downtime, the openness of use with any operating system, and optimum space utilisation-made this one of the best services we have received to date.

P. K. Sinha
CEO, Centre Of Excellence & Director
Astric Computers

NComputing shared desktop computing technology delivers significant cost savings, which we can re-invest in software and services to ensure our students benefit from the most advanced and high standard of curriculum possible.

Dr. J S Sodhi
Head IT
Amity Education

The school director was impressed and surprised at the comparatively low cost for the thin client infrastructure. The cost per unit amounted to approximately 40% of the previous technology program.

David Smith
Director Of Technology
Oakland School For The Arts

Application server should be on : Azure Cloud with E2E Networks Limited,  https://www.e2enetworks.com/, or can be on AWS also as in past

Detailed comparison of AWS and E2E Networks on  our May 2023 post : https://finsys.co.in/cloud-server-for-finsys-erp-recommendation-dt-may-2023

in case you use “Main exe” you do not need the Application server, hence please shift focus to point “2” below

Action point : Backend Server : Database

Oracle cloud is The BEST Option as of 7-Oct-2023 for the Backend server, if your company has more than 20 users, and has more than 1 location and wants to avoid the hassle of keeping inhouse server, plus its costly Softwares, Plus its UPS, plus its 24×7 electricity and high end Internet Bandwidth and Static IP etc etc

Oracle Server Service = very good. No Doubts

Remember to take 1 OCPU per 50 users you have

Oracle Database licence = included

This is a big Benefit, you save Lakhs of Rupees in the Oracle Database Licences. The cost of Database licence is almost nil, if you purchase the Oracle Cloud services from OCI

Reasons ?

“Oracle Linux” based Server = This has technical benefit
“Oracle Sun Microsystems” based Hardware Server = This has technical benefits
“Oracle Database Licence” based Server = This has technical benefit
“Oracle cost is included” in this Server = This has Financial + Technical benefit
More RAM , more Efficiency = This has technical benefit
Very low cost of Hard Disk Space = This has Financial benefit
Facility to use Oracle Standard Edition = This edition costs Rs 4 lakhs in ESL, and upto 14-15 lakhs for FUDA licence based on the server you have for “unlimited users” … And you know what.. you can use this for just Rs x  pm onwards… for a company with 20 to 60 plus users.. this is excellent service, excellent performance


Facility to use Oracle Enterprise Edition = This edition costs anywhere from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs based on the server you have for “unlimited users” … And you know what.. you can use this for just Rs 30000 pm onwards… for a company with 100 plus users.. this is excellent service, excellent performance


Our Recommendation ?

Best Combination of Cloud Servers, in our view for Finsys ERP Customers ?

A : Database on Oracle Cloud

B : Front end application on E2E Networks / Azure / AWS ( but with some risks, as per page link given in part 1 above.

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Cloud Server for Finsys ERP,  Oracle Cloud

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