Sino Corrugated 2019 Shanghai

Sino Corr 2019, Shanghai

Finsys Exhibited once again, at the Sino Corr Expo 2019, Shanghai

This time also, we were one of the only 3 companies from India. (Amongst 700 Global exhibitors).
🇮🇳 Pride to represent our country… at China..🇮🇳

Dates were 8-11 April 2019, at Shanghai, China.

For more details please visit their site:

Glimpse Of The Event



And of course, FINSYS ERP is one of the largest selling ERP Software for the Corrugation Packaging , Duplex Packaging, and Flexible Businesses for 27 years.

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Even the customer follow-up for payments, and vendor follow-up for material delivery. Auto-Emails, and SMS’s on alert events.
Specialised ERP Software. Linked to Android Phones. I-Phones, and Windows devices. Generates Bar Coded Stickers – 1D, 2D and QR, Includes Job Card, Process Sheet, Machine Loading, Planning of Time Utilisation of your Material, Money Men and Machines.


Proud to be part of the Value Chain in Corrugation Industry in India, South East Asia, West Asia, and Africa

Special web page for the Corrugation ERP Software, including the manuals, and videos of Corrugation