FCBM Conference 2019 at Jaipur

Memories from the FCBM Jaipur 2019

Inauguration Moments,President, Mr K Arunachallam, and President Elect Mr V K Deewan

Inauguration Moments,President, Mr K Arunachallam, and President Elect Mr V K Deewan

Mr Ram Kumar Sunkara, How to make the small lot orders, profitably.

Mr Sangeet Gupta with Mr Amit of Miracle at the FCBM Entrance

Mr Hemandra Aggarwal, Conference Co-Chairman ( CMD of Miracle Corruplast) and Mr Shravan Arunachallam of Eskay Cartons Pvt Ltd, Chennai at the FCBM Entrance


Mr Sangeet Kr Gupta, on Stage giving his technical paper on how Information Technology ( IT ) should be used by all corrugation companies, whether big, or small .

Gratitude to the Indian Corrugation Industry for the ideas, problems, solutions, and innovations as a result of these.

Dedicating the Ideas to the Indian Corrugation Industry.

Drummer at the FCBM Entrance Gates… a Truly Raja-like ( king-ly ) welcome

Like Military Music….

Mr Vincent Methias, Director Velvin Packaging Group, as a speaker on effects of various factors on the CS Compression Strength of the Box

Mr Narender Saini and Mr Gupta at the Finsys Exhibition stall


Main Stage

The Giant LED Screen

Some of the Top Sponsors

Mr Sangeet Gupta, with Speakers List… including his own name at the FCBM, 2019 Jaipur

with Mr Andrew

Seven 11 , Inks rising brand of India

With Mr Lokesh Aggarwal, FCBM  Chairman of the Committee of Exhibition and sponsorships

with Mr Vijay Murarka, Chairman Hariwansh Packaging Pvt Ltd, Nagpur.

Mr Punjabi on Stage, from Radhey Shyam Packaging, Chakan, Pune , showing everybody, how automation makes life easy, more systematic, and more organised.

Narender in some lighter moments

Display of name and introduction of Mr Sangeet Gupta on Stage . Lunch Area

Khetan GroupKhetan and Hariwansh

J S Corrupack

One of the leaders of this Success Story, Mr Hemendra Aggarwal

One of the leaders of this Success Story, Mr Hemendra Aggarwal

Lord Ganesha …. our God, taking us through life… making life productive and happy for all

Important Pillars of Miracle Parivaar  Mr Amit Aggarwal


with Mr Shravan ….

Design Innovate Learn


The mission, the theme, the takeaway from FCBM 2019.

Bollywood night …. celebrations…. at FCBM 2019

Royal Palaces… live for FCBM delegates

Bollywood night …. celebrations…. at FCBM 2019…. one more success of the FCBM Managing Committee. Congratulations to all. Landmark event , leading to happiness for all.

The Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers (FCBM) of India is the apex body of India’s corrugated packaging industry with a membership of over 2000 corrugated box manufacturers. At FCBM, focus is  to improve the knowledge of best business practices, technical advances taking place in CORRUGATION production lines and impart the members with management techniques which we hope will help to improve your bottom lines and help you to flourish and grow even in competitive phase of the economy.

We at Finsys understand the specific needs of the Corrugated box manufacturers . Working with almost 100 Automatic corrugation plants, in India, West Asia and Africa, Finsys today help you with Standard operating procedures. The SoP’s that make your life better. And help tackle the challenges of Men, Machine and Material in best possible ways to attain success.

Finsys is a comprehensive ERP Software for Corrugation Industry – from Gate to Gate. Complete ERP right from Purchase Planning unto the Shipment, linking various business activities like Purchase, Material Inward, Quality, Production planning, Accounting, GST, Salaries, and Maintenance. Even the customer followup for payments, and vendor followup for material delivery are integrated to the system.

We at Finsys, is the ERP Software of choice, for Corrugation Industry world-over. Highly customized Finsys ERP runs on Oracle, helps you boost productivity and thereby profit.

Lovely City of Jaipur hosts the FCBM Conference 2019

Jaipur, the magnificent capital of Rajasthan, also known as the ‘Pink City’, is a hub for tourists and visitors from all over the world, looking to explore and discover the rich history, glorious legacy and multifaceted culture of the Rajputana. The city was painted in hues of pink in 1876 to welcome the Prince of Wales, hence the name, ‘The Pink City’. Explore the quintessential Rajput charm, evident in the majestic forts and splendid palaces in the city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hotel Fairmont : The venue

Fairmont Jaipur is an ode to the pink city, with its awe-inspiring architecture and decor, inspired by the Mughal dynasty and Royal Rajput’s of yore. Nestled amidst the majestic Aravalli hills, with 245 rooms and suites elegantly appointed, reflecting a perfect blend of traditional Rajasthani décor and modern amenities, offering a scenic luxury getaway for the discerning traveller.

That is why FCBM Managing Committee, including the leaders like Mr Ram Kumar Sunkara, Mr Hemendra Aggarwal, chose this “Best of the Best” venue.

Thank you

Thankyou for Meeting the Finsys ERP Team at Hotel Fairmont, Jaipur, Rajasthan 20-21 December 2019.   Thank you for increasing our morale, and giving us another reason to walk an Extra Mile, for the Indian Corrugation Industry.

Finsys at the service of the Corrugation Industry

Finsys ERP is one of the best selling ERP Softwares for Corrugated Box(Packaging)
Finsys ERP is one of the best selling ERP Softwares for Corrugated Box(Packaging)


Some of our Technical Youtube Videos : How the Software Works

Backflush Reconciliation, Corrugation Theoratical Kraft Paper Consumption https://youtu.be/beVK8MYl6MQ
Using Android Tab for Corrugation Production https://youtu.be/uQTz5BzqgXo
New Features, for Corrugation Packaging Industry https://youtu.be/2NfHwg3OqEg
Kraft Paper Reel Return : via Mobile phone and a  Blue Tooth Printer https://youtu.be/-lervaDoFZE
Company Profile https://youtu.be/hwPvrm6I7SA
QR Bar Codes… in use for Material Movement https://youtu.be/KjsXAPbV3LQ



Photographs and details of the Finsys stall at Sino Corr Expo 2019, Shanghai, China https://finsys.co.in/event/sino-corrugated-2019-shanghai/

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