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Finsys ERP is one of the best selling ERP Softwares for Corrugated Box(Packaging)
Finsys ERP is one of the best selling ERP Softwares for Corrugated Box(Packaging)

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Photographs and details of the Finsys stall at Sino Corr Expo 2019, Shanghai, China


Special web page for the Corrugation ERP Software, including the manuals, and videos of Corrugation


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Some of our Technical Youtube Videos : How the Software Works

Backflush Reconciliation, Corrugation Theoratical Kraft Paper Consumption
Using Android Tab for Corrugation Production
New Features, for Corrugation Packaging Industry
Kraft Paper Reel Return : via Mobile phone and a  Blue Tooth Printer
Company Profile
QR Bar Codes… in use for Material Movement

Testimonial : From AFRICA, Congo, Star Labels
Testimonial : Mukund Corrupack, Hyderabad, India
Testimonial : Corrugation Company: South India, talking about the IOS App of Finsys ERP

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Magazine : Food and Packaging Technology


Magazine : Packaging South Asia


Magazine : Printweek


Printweek – Mauritius News


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We are working towards making our customers, “Significantly Reduce” their wastages, and “increasing possibilities” of Better Profits.

Let’s implement Finsys ERP at your company. And Bring things in better control and help you Feel the “Peace of Mind” !

Warm Regards, Finsys Core Team. and Co-Founders, of Finsys Infotech Limited, the Creators of Finsys ERP Corrugation Software packages,

We make ERP Software, for increasing the Smoothness of your Business Operations.  We help you achieve your Goals, you help us achieve this important Goal for us.