Web Finsys Videos – October 2021 Releases

Web Finsys ERP – Self Learning User Friendly Tutorials

Benefits of these Manuals

Simple, Easy, in User Friendly language and flow. Simple Hindi + Simple English, It is so easy, you can learn the relevant subject in just 1 day.

How to Open a New Vendor / New Customer Account / Any Ledger Account ? See this


How to open , add, edit, delete, the Accounts Master LEVEL 3 ( Subgroups / Schedules) – in the Finsys ERP.

And how to link the existing accounts to the new / changed Subgroup / Schedule Finsys ERP –

Web Finsys Manual 002 How to create masters in Finsys ERP Pretty User Friendly process in a User Friendly Video Tutorial

PR – Purchase Requisition – Add/Edit/Delete/Print

and Checking of PR & Approval of PR

Web Finsys Videos – October 2021 Releases

Purchase Requisition :
How to Make, how to Print, How to Approve
Add / Edit / Print
Common Facilities… in almost all Data Entry Screens

Facility to Delete, to Attach Supportings
Print the PR

Attach the working sheets. How to See the Attachments

See the Status – PR is approved or not ?
One of the Simple and Great Facilities

PR Status ( in Common Options )

Easy to use
How to Search – Faster Search
Did anybody approve my PR ?
No need to ask… it is all visible… so easy
How to Approve PR
Step 1 : Checking the PR
You can ask us to “Skip” this step…. if you are a MSME unit (though it is good for all)

Accept – Green
Reject… Red Tick

Reason for Rejection ?
Good transparent communication

Prime Reports…. Excellent 1 click reports

Good transparent ERP . for More Efficiency

Who rejected ? When ? Who accepted and When ?

Good transparent ERP . for More Efficiency

PR Approval ( Senior to Checking )

PR Approval (completed)