Veda – Ayurveda – Near Sight Hypermetropia – How I solved. Thanks Patanjali

Veda – Ayurveda – Near Sight Hypermetropia – How I solved. Thank you “Patanjali Wellness”

Around 20th July 2023, I suddenly realised that I was facing more “Blurring” problem in eyes, than ever in past.  I washed my eyes, put eye drops etc ., got ready for office… But on the way in the back seat of my car… I realised that even the Whatsapp messages were Blurred on my phone…. OMG

Reaching the office, Normal life was ok, but Computer screens were also blurred. OMG 2. I tried to act normal, and tried to work on the computer as normal. But But But… the screen was far too blurry for any comfortable work. I changed the resolution of the screen to  BIG….real BIG, Tried to manage my emails, my Word, Excel and ERP work.. .but I was sensing some problem…. my mind was racing … what is happening to me ? …

Step 1 : Immediately booked appointment with first doctor, a big brand. Got there, they checked everything , … said, health of retina etc is all well,….. your myopia has started… They said it is normal for age of 48. Dont worry. You might shift to bifocals from now.  There is no “solution” or “repair”. In allopathic, this is irreversible, and almost everybody shall get into this some time age 40 onwards… ( ha ha ha ).  But good news was that they said, relax, Wait and Watch.

That is how they train the doctors actually.

Step 2 : After two days, I went to another Eye specialist. Same 2 hours of on study on my eyes, and same mandate….  There is no “solution” or “repair” of Myopia or Hypermetropia either. In allopathic, this is irreversible, and almost everybody shall get into this some time age 40 onwards… ( Is that so ? I got to get more about this in next few days ). Plus medicines for rest of my life. Pretty costly ones.

Probably, that is how medical studies books train the doctors today

After about a week of this “deja vu”… I suddenly remembered that there was a Patanjali Wellness Centre in my city. I was lucky… I dont have to drive down to Haridwar for this. They have a centre right here in my city “Faridabad”

Met the doctors there. They devoted a good one hour in understanding my life, my health, my lifestyle etc ( I met them first time in my life).  And finally said, the problem is not in your eyes… it is in your intestines ( the digestive tract, the Colon etc)

I was prescribed or suggested to go for cleaning of my digestive tract, eating better healthy foods, and some ayurveda medicines. They also advised me and I followed for next 1 month in the regimen of good healthy food, some Akshay Tarpan treatments, some massages, some yoga, some havan, some pranayam etc

and behold, around Sept middle, i was largely ok.

I went to reknowned Optician in Crown Plaza Mall, sector 15A faridabad, and asked him to check if I need “near glasses” . He asked me to read the chart…. they use for the near sight checking.. Wow. I was so happy. I could read the smallest of the Print, effortlessly. No need to swint, no need to apply any pressure

I asked the Ophthalmologist, what does that mean. He said, that nothing to worry, your near sight is good and it is adjusted with your normal far sight spectacles. There is no worry. No change is required.

Thank you Patanjali. Thankyou Patanjali Wellness

Link 1 : Wikipedia : Far-sightedness, also known as long-sightedness, hypermetropia, and hyperopia, is a condition of the eye where distant objects are seen clearly but near objects appear blurred. This blur is due to incoming light being focused behind, instead of on, the retina due to insufficient accommodation by the lens.

Link 2 : What our education says : What is Hypermetropia? Hypermetropia is also referred to as hyperopia or long-sightedness, or far-sightedness. Hypermetropia is the condition of the eyes where the image of a nearby object is formed behind the retina. Here, the light is focused behind the retina instead of focusing on the retina. see this :

The person suffering from hypermetropia will have difficulty focusing on nearby objects but can clearly see distant objects. Accommodation is the process used to treat hypermetropia without any defects in vision in the early stages.

Link 3 : Search your Nearest Patanjali centre : Yes, it worked for me. It could work for you too,

link 4 :

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