Support Charges and AMC of Finsys ERP may Include which Services

Support Charges and AMC of an ERP Includes what services : Examples of Finsys ERP

Benefits of Compulsory AMC and Support Fees

Server Support

The Oracle Database software,

TS plus server software, if any

Web Application Server, if any

Android App backend server, if any

IOS App, backend server, if any

SMS gateway, if any

Email passthrough for Finsys emails, if any

Saves time of IT Managers and your staff


Emergency Support :

Finsys is always available 24 x 7 for any SOS support. Examples include the support to restart the ERP during the accidental problems like Server Crash, or Virus or Malware etc.

This is an important assurance. No extra charge is taken for these.

This is for the critical work stopping situations like Invoice stopping etc.

Saves time for everybody

Statutory Changes :

This will include the statutory changes within Finsys ERP, like GST, TCS and TDS, as applicable. This is an important assurance. No extra charge is taken for these.

However, the Third party additions are on extra basis, if required.

Finsys Call centre:

A lot of calls, trainings, guidance, are given by the Technical support centre.

We have multiple lines serving customers, on  Mon-Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm. except public holidays in India.

As per nature of the query, the Support will be given online via internet and on phone by the Tech support team.

Better Support


Some free upgradations, like some reports, locks, features, facilities, that Finsys gives to all customers from time to time on complimentary basis


Access to Finsys Webinars for training from time to time

E-learning Education Internet Technology Webinar Online Courses concept.

Apart from this, Finsys shall depute a Finsys Consultant to come physically at the customer premises regularly. The agenda of this visit shall be personal guidance, trainings, re-trainings, doubt removal, updating with recent new amendments in the ERP software (within the given scope of work).

If due to Corona like conditions, visits are not possible, then Finsys shall give same amount of time by way of pre scheduled video meetings for all the above purposes. These are valuable guidances, and must be availed of.

Additional Mandays may be requested and allotted onsite for additional Trainings, meetings with Consultants, system audits or any additional support. These extra mandays can be booked now or later

The MBB Add-on Service Support Fees is for additional time of our Finsys Team members who shall visit you / contact you online, from time to time “as a Doctor”. the Diagnostic Doctor or Consultant

He/She comes with checklists of What should be done, versus, what is being done?  by your staff. — Audit Reports are discussed in Detail.

Your time is solicited for these important Audit Report review meetings.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

The above is a version that the Finsys Management desires to submit to the customer paying due AMC charges and MBB charges sufficient to cover the above services. Finsys requests for fair appreciation of the efforts involved in the above services. And Finsys and MBB teams are ready to improve based on your positive feedback. We value your time. We value your money. and we continue to improve.

The exact Quantum of time, Depth of services, and Percent of time devoted on the above depends on various factors and may vary from customer to customer based on the Financials, Location, and other factors.

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