Solution for the Contract Workers, Wages, ESI, EPF

Solution for the Contract Workers, Wages, ESI, EPF


  • To remove / reduce chances of Ghost ( dummy workers)
  • To remove chances / risk of wrong calculations in excel
  • To remove chances of Missing ESI and EPF payments,
  • To reduce / remove excel work in this
  • To be fair to all Contract workers
  • and to be fair to contractor
  • to be fair to yourself
  • Giving a Good User Friendly solution to your own HR staff

  1. We supply the Software for Payroll calculations
  2. We supply the biometric machines ( via our Technical collaborator , on Extra basis)
  3. System gets attendance via Face Reader / Bio metric
  4. The System calculates the Time calculation, overtime , present and absent
  5. System calculates the WAGES  calculation, 
  6. System calculates the OVER Time calculation, 
  7. System calculates the Leaves calculation, 
  8. System calculates the ESI, and EPF calculation, 
  9. System calculates the Welfare Fund calculation, 
  10. System calculates the Professional Tax calculation, 
  11. System helps me for the ESI Returns data in upload format
  12. System helps me for the EPF Returns data in upload format
  13. System helps me for the WF Returns data in upload format

Linking with Bio Metric – 1 click mode

  1. Do the Leave preparation, OD review, in the Biometric software, manual intervention
  2. After that, 1 click, exports the screen of Attendance , goes to Finsys via a small Excel file. ( Automatic saved on your Desktop)
  3. After that, 1 click, Automatic IMPORT the Excel file containing the Attendance, into Finsys. ( Automatic saved in Finsys ERP)
  4. and Salary Registers are done, ESI done, EPF done, leaves done, Welfare fund done, Professional tax done, … all automatic

Linking with Bio Metric – 100% internal Sync

  1. Finsys can do this,
  2. has done this in past
  3. however Charges of Rs xxxxx are extra for this
  4. reason : Too much extra effort on this integration on LIVE to LIVE basis is our past experience