Seminar 23.07.2020: Materials Module

Focus Industries :

Plastic Moulding Industries, Rubber Moulding Industries, Sheet Metal, Equipment or machine manufacturers, Electronics Manufacturers, Packaging Companies. ( Infact, Common to all Industries )


  1. Minimum Level, Maximum Levels, Reorder levels of Stock – how to set them one by one in ERP in Item master ?

  2. How to get Report of Stock items breaching these limits ?

  3. Importance of setting these levels ?

  4. Automatic Emails of Items below Minimum level ? how to start ?

  5. How to Change Automatically, by single click, the Min – max levels, based on month or season, consumption pattern due to Corona/Covid19

  6. Identification Tags for the Product / Item

  7. Identification Tags for the Almirah / Shelves / Racks


This will be followed by

Frequently Asked questions

Open House ( Online Audience Queries)

Some other Standard Reports and options in Finsys ERP – Stores Module




Stock Turnover Ratios