Implementation Steps, Stages, Plan of Action – Finsys ERP Page

Implementation Steps, Stages, Plan of Action – Finsys ERP

Preparation Phase ( internal )

Responsibility in Finsys

Responsibility in Customer

Prep 1

Agree on Requirements and largely on the Finsys Standards, discuss the variations if any

Implementor, and Seniors + Development + QC

active involvement Seniors

Prep 2

Do development – Round 1



Prep 3

Quality Check – Project Validation Dept

QC + Implementation


Prep 4

Do development – Round 2



Prep 5

Quality Check – Project Validation Dept

QC + Implementation


Software Delivery Phase ( shared status with customer )


Software Delivery Steps 1 to 3 ( Finsys has higher influence )

SDP-1 = Work at Finsys office, for preparation of PPT and Videos’

SDP-2 = Demo of PPT for Directors Approval and HOD Approval

SDP-3 = Trainings, Master Files, Preparations, Question Answers


Software Delivery Steps 4 to 6 ( Customer has higher influence )

SDP-4 = Parallel LIVE , and ask doubts if any.

SDP-5 = Go live date is fixed

SDP-6 = Congratulations letter



Finsys shall remain involved in all stages. However, both parties agree that the Customer shall give good time in Stage SDP-4 to SDP-6, only then the success is received.

Responsibilities of Seniors and Juniors

Software Delivery Phase


Make PPT to prove that system is ready and it is as per Prep 1

Implementation Team



Demo of PPT to HOD for Customer Approval

Finsys Seniors

Customer Seniors


Masters + Training + Simulation over 5 items, and get ready

Implementation Team

Middle level


 PARALLEL LIVE , and clear the doubts if any.

Implementation Team

Middle and Juniors


Go live date is fixed

Finsys Seniors

Customer Seniors


Congratulations letter after 10 days of llve

Finsys Seniors

Customer Seniors


Regret Letter, in case of delay in absorbtion

Finsys Seniors

Customer Seniors


Note :

To make the ERP Implementation Process successful

  1. Above All steps must be followed
  2. Must be monitored by Implementation Team
  3. Must be monitored by Core Steering Committee
  4. After due care, all Softwares and excel, ideally must “stop” for Operative work from the customer side for the areas delivered
  5. This due care is part or the SDP-1-2-3-4 and 5 steps. And once 1-2-3-4-5 are done, then nothing should stop SDP-6


Link to the Google Drive with Formats to help Faster ERP Implementation

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