ERP Software for Flexible Packaging Laminates

Which is the best ERP Software for Flexible Packaging industry ?

Finsys, Of Course.

from North India, to West India, to South India, to Middle East and to Africa..

Finsys is India’s one of the Largest Selling ERP Software for Packaging Industry. .. We have specialised modules for Flexible Packaging, Laminates, Sleeves, Shrink Sleeves.

What do they use it for ? For what ? for their Plant Planning, Material Planning, Load Balancing, Production Reporting, Down Time Analysis.

Thanks for Meeting us that the Sino Flex Pack at Shanghai, and Ghonzhou in 2017, 2018 , 2019 and 2021(planned)

Flexible packaging Issue of Flims via Android Phone , see it LIVE Finsys ERP in AFRICA

After the Success of India and China, the African countries especially Congo, Angola, Uganda, Mauritius and UAE and Saudi Arabia have come up as Great Industrial Revolution Countries in 2010’s and 2020’s…..

And they look towards Finsys for Cost Effective User Friendly Latest State of ART ERP Software Solutions in this video, you see LIVE data entry in progress This is a Flexible packaging unit in CONGO, AFRICA…..and the Stores Operator, Mr Phamphel, is Issuing of Flims via Android Phone , see it LIVE Finsys ERP in AFRICA You can listen to the Voice of Mr Mayank Saraswat, the Finsys Team member, who went onsite at Congo, Africa and made this Success a REALITY. Finsys ERP at AFRICA Finsys ERP at Dubai Finsys ERP Software at Mauritius Finsys ERP at Saudi Arabia

Future is made here

This is one of the best screens in Finsys ERP. If you are not using this Dashboard feature in Finsys ERP You are missing a lot

Roll form Label Packaging Manufacturing Cycle in Finsys ERP Software

Hotpack, working towards a Smart Digitalised Packaging Industry, another Finsys Success Story

Malayalam Finsys ERP interview … Flexible Packaging ..

Hotpack Mr Radha Krishnan shares his experiences with Finsys ERP



Flexible Packaging ( Google Drive)

Full Google Drive with 30 Plus Manuals and PPT of Flexible Packaging

The Flexible Packaging Industry is the second largest sector of the Packaging business – with flexible packaging offering consumers extensive desirable characteristics, it is easy to see why.

From ease of handling and storage, overall cost savings, and convenience, flexible packaging has cemented itself in the packaging world, and has undoubtedly been a key contributor to packaging’s continued success.

FINSYS provides you a 360° view of your complete business hence,you to have a better control/ hold over your business activities.

We provide you with some beautiful features like:-

  • Ink Kitchen
  • Adhesive Store
  • Warehouse and Stocks management
  • Material Management
  • Production Planning & Control(PPC)
  • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Quality Control
  • Standard reports, report generator, SmartStatistics and Business Intelligence
  • IOS app for your Mobile

Finsys is proud to be associated with a lot of companies in the business of Manufacture of the various varieties of Laminates

Laminates, Pouches, Plain Polybags, Lami Tubes for Pharmaceuticals, Tubes for Food Packaging etc

Automated and integrated processes such as converting, printing, mounting, extrusion, slitting, and laminating. Set resin and additive formulations for single and co-extrusion processes. Integrated work orders and production scheduling with shop floor touch screen data collection systems designed specifically for flexible packaging. Complete roll-to-roll tracking by barcode from receipt of raw materials to production and shipping of finished goods. Save money and aggravation by not having to customize your ERP for your business. With FINSYS-FLEX you purchase train and install; usually, no need to waste time on customization. The system’s typical ROI is between 06-18 months. The system will significantly help you reduce scrap, increase sales and ensure your net revenues grow exponentially. You will finally be able to control of your production, waste, operator time and costs by product, customer and machine. Learn from historical sales and production data in order to increase future revenues

Suitable for all your quoting, customer service, production, shop floor, scheduling, inventory, purchasing and finance applications together into one Comprehensive solution. Enterprise Software for Extruders, Flexo Printers, Laminators and Converters.

suitable for Units manufacturing Multi layer Blown Films, Laminates, All kinds of Pouches, Sleeves, WPP, HDPE bags, Shopping Bags etc. System Caters in detail for Production Sections – Blown Film/Printing /Lamination/Slitting/Pouching /Packing Sections. Package is designed modular so clients can opt for sections as applicable.

System Audit and Reconciliations
Reconciliation Statements and Performance Reports for any period for each section between opening , receipts from store , production ,movements and closing balances.
Sleeves – Production and WIP reports for all sections like Folding, Cutting and Inspection.
Pouching – Production of All kinds of pouch, Shopping Bags. Track of Pouch Fitments also like Dori, Zipper, eyelets etc. Cover tape, Pull tape, Handle in case of WPP pouches.

Materials Application

Multi Stores System. Individual Unit can have many stores.
Alternate Units of Measurement and Physical Variances
Indents, Purchases, PO Amendments
QC Inspections, Floor Rejections
Quotation Comparisons from different vendors
Stock Reserve Module – Specific RM Rolls to be reserved Work order wise.
Store Valuations based on FIFO/ Wt.Avg /Latest Price methods
Stores MIS based on Levels, ABC, Cost Centers, Dept etc.
Returnable Goods, Job work Goods balancing
Vendor rating analysis based on Delivery, Quality etc.

Sales & Distribution

Order as per specific rates or User defined Price Lists
Dispatch documents like Invoice etc
Data for  GST Records, Monthly Returns and supporting statements
All Export Documents like Packing List, PI, Export Invoice, Shipping Bill
Exhaustive Sales MIS based on Orders , Items

Finance and Accounts,

end to end accounting as required, with GST

ERP Solution Benefits

Optimizes business Processes end to end
Provided full integration of business partners (customers, Suppliers, Employees)
Industry best practices inbuilt.
Future business needs
Faster access to information for the top management, Production managers.
Faster response to customers be it sending quotations, production status.
Low cost of ownership and fast return on investment.
Enhanced profitability and competitiveness
Enhanced company image
Time saving of Production managers in making reports, Marketing team in estimating costs.
Controlled and accurate flow of data with formatted reports.

for Powerpoint Manuals for the Flexible Packaging Industry

As per the Mission of Finsys ERP team is to make our Label Packaging clients more and more successful, more and more profitable, By using our ERP technology to deliver on time, every time, and at lowest cost and the Right Quality.

Interaction with Mr Nirav Thakkar, Managing Director, Star Labels Group, India and Africa… on benefits he got from the Finsys ERP, worldwide

WIP Management in Label Manufacturing Industry

Meet Mr Amit , Director of Multitec, one of the largest names in the Label Machine Manufacturing Industry in India

Interview by a Media Channel at Label Expo 2018 , exhibition site

Interaction with Mr Sanjay Nagpal at the Label Expo 2018

The 9.55 minute complete Work order based manufacturing cycle for the label manufacturing industry.

See it to believe it, understand the benefit of the specialised ERP Software we have made , just for you ( Label Industry )

Watch Aayush ji enjoying I.Phone App Watch Mr Aayush Khetan, Director, Khetan Corrucase P Ltd, Hyderabad talking about us at the India Corr Expo 2018, Mumbai

 And as some of you Specialised in Label Printing… we went on to create special modules only for you.

The technology and art of packaging has a logical origin, arising from the need for processed products to be conveniently transported and stored with no damage. Packaging serves two purposes – promoting the product and protecting it. The promotional effort is to grab the attention of a customer in less than few seconds towards a product on a super market shelf and say “take me home”. This is where LABEL Industry comes into scene. With the rising competition in the market, the Promotional Activity is gaining strength and so does the LABEL Industry

We at FINSYS, help you manage your label printing business from order entry to invoice
FINSYS is ERP software built from the ground up for label printers. With 20+ years on the market, consistent ownership through its entire history, FINSYS has continuously evolved with the label printing industry.
With more than 70+ customers PAN India and active participation in the label print industry, we maintain a global perspective by continuous evolution to meet the dynamic nature of product labeling.

We offer the following features relevant for your industry:-

  • Ink Kitchen
  • Adhesive Store
  • Warehouse and Stocks management
  • Material Management
  • Production Planning & Control(PPC)
  • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Quality Control
  • Standard reports, report generator, SmartStatistics and Business Intelligence
  • IOS app for your Mobile
  • 600+  Factories in India, South Asia, Africa, Europe and USA.  Vision of Corrugation and Packaging Industry Leaders, Chartered Accountants and Computer Engineers.  Every year, over 15000 Users, and over  USD 2250 million ( Rs 15,750 Crores ) of Manufacturing Business is being conducted, planned, produced, packed and shipped by Finsys ERP run businesses, worldwide.

Finsys ERP Software – for Gate to Gate, Full ERP right from Purchase Planning, to Purchase, to Gate, to Quality, to Production planning. Right-upto the Shipment, its collection, Financial Accounts, GST, Salaries, and Maintenance.

Even the  customer  follow-up  for  payments,  and  vendor  follow-up  for material  delivery.  Auto-Emails,  and  SMS’s  on  alert events.

Specialised  ERP Software.  Linked to Android  Phones.  I-Phones, and Windows devices.  Generates Bar Coded Stickers – 1D, 2D and QR, Includes Job Card, Process Sheet, Machine Loading, Planning of Time Utilisation of your Material, Money Men and Machines.

Highly customizable || Finsys ERP runs on Oracle ||  Helps you boost productivity and thereby profit.

Finsys ERP gives. you an edge over the rest by giving you 360°  view of your business processes like Material Management, Production, Sales, Quality hence offering a better control over them. It also helps you keep a track of the production process so as to help you in further improvisation of the same. It helps in increasing the profit margins by reduction in wastages. Finsys has an eye for detail for all the business processed like Quality, H.R.M etc. It provides you with an ease of managing difference sites from your office.

We have successful ERP Installations from Jammu and Himachal in North to Coimbatore and Pondicherry in South

We are also serving in Angola, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Umm Al Quain, Mauritius, apart from USA, and Europe

Some other Indian Locations include Sriperumbudur, Chennai, Chittoor, Vellore, Naidupeta, Coimbatore, Baddi, Poanta sahib, Nalagarh, Solan, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Silvassa, (Dadra and Nagar Haveli), Vapi, Ahmedabad, Vadodhara(Gujarat), Rudrapur(Uttarakhand), Thane, Aurangabad, Pune, Khapoli (nr Mumbai, Maharashtra), NCR Delhi, Palwal, Prithla, Bahadurgarh, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Peethampur (Indore), Hyderabad, Telangana, Andra Pradesh, and so on.