FINSYS-ERP: Corrugation/Packaging Balance Linear Meter

Finsys ERP Announces…

… Yet Another Benchmark Feature For Corrugation Industries Across The Globe !! 


Balance to Produce in Linear Metres


You Can Now  View The Balance Quantities To Produce In Linear Metres And Perform  Analysis.

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New System Is Integrated  With  Conversion Factor For Running/Linear Metres.


How To Get Data On Balance Running/Linear Meter To Produce With An Example:

Length In Process Plan = 65.9 Cms 65.9 Cms /100 = 0.659 Mtrs

Std Wastage = 2%

Total L = 0.659 Mtrs + 2% Of L = 0.672 Mtrs


Running Meter/Conversion Factor = Length Added With Wastage / No. Of Ups


No Of Ups = 8 So, Conversion Factor Is: 0.672/8 = 0.084 Mtrs


Running Meter Factor = 0.084 Mtrs


Conversion Factor Updated In Finished Goods Master



 Your Software is now …






To View Report/ Data On Balance Linear Metre Required For Production Automatic:

Click On PPC Menu –> Pending Job Cards–> Seee The Quantity In Nos & In Linear Metres

Logic: Conversion Factor X Balance Quantity In Nos.

So, 0.084 X 1500 = 126 Mtrs ( Balance To Produce In Linear Metres)



Automatic Corrugation Machines Runs On Linear Metres On Hour Basis, So It Is Now Easy To Do Calculations With The Unit Of Measurement Of Machines.

Machine Loads Can Be Easily Optimized That Further Leads To Even Machine Planning And Smoother Operations.




*This Linear/Running Metre Column Comes Only For Orders Where Job Cards Are Pending.

*For Any Discrepancy Check The FG Item Master For Correct Conversion Factor.


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“We Sincerely Thanks Velvin Paper Products For Their Invaluable Suggestions And Ideas For This Feature.”