Benefits of this Software

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  • No need to Load ERP Software on each node
    Just click the shortcut and start
  • Saves time of IT Manager
  • 2
  • No need to update Finsys EXE again and again on every single computers, do on just 1 TS plus server
  • Saves time of IT Manager
  • 3
  • Single Exe, single version for all Latest exe is used by all users, removes confusions
  • Saves time of IT Manager
  • 4
  • Removes chances of anybody using old Exe and circumventing the latest locks in the ERP
  • Better Control
  • 5
  • Remedy for Poor Internet
    If due to internet problem, connection breaks at the user end, no problem. When he connects back, he reaches the same module, same screen / same report. There is no data loss, there is no run time error due to connection break
  • 6
  • Speed of work Must faster, since TS plus server is loaded on the same server or a server in the same vicinity as the main Database server.
  • 7
  • Best Remedy for Mac Users Mac usually have low Hard Disk Space. They don’t have free space of 20GB for the Finsys and supporting windows files with TS plus, No need to Load ERP at all on the Mac Simply click the Short cut and work on Main Finsys via Browser
  • 8
  • Full ERP on I-phone also Earlier, the IOS phone cannot load Finsys full edition, With TS plus, they don’t need to load Finsys at all Full finsys work, as it is – 100%
  • 9
  • Turn a ANDROID Phone or Tab into full Computer Earlier, the android OS cannot load Finsys full edition, With TS plus, they don’t need to load Finsys at all Full finsys work, as it is – 100%
  • 10
  • Access Control, and LOG files, who accessed, for how much time, exact time start and end time end etc… can even control people from access at night etc
  • 11
  • Saves cost of full computers Lesser configuration computer is also ok as a node. You can use Thin clients easily
  • 12
  • Reduces E- Waste No need to upgrade computers from time to time. Good for the Country, Good for the Environment.
  • Special Upgrade Offer
  • Open Offer for the 200 User Finsys – TS Plus Combo Pack This pack is valued at just Rs 540/user. Total Rs 108000 for 200 users, combo offer ( Indivisible , and not reducable ) ( Special pack for Finsys mid-Corporates ) to help in large scale computerisation & digitisation The money that you have paid for licences in the first go, can be adjusted when you go for the upgrade and thus reduce your effective cost to just 540/user

Future Enhancement Ideas Currently Excluded and can be purchased separately later, whenever required

  • b)
  • TSplus Advanced Security – Ultimate Protection Details on website = see link https://www.terminalserviceplus.com/advanced-security.php
    Security – Security Essentials, and adds simplified Group Policy management, more advanced connection management and our powerful new Ransomware Protection!
    TSplus Advanced Security – Ultimate Protection provides additional protection :

    • • Homeland Protection: prevents foreign attackers to open a session.
    • • Prevents Brute-Force Attacks: blacklists the offending IP addresses.
    • • Working Hours Restriction: prohibits users to connect at night (per Users or per Groups).
    • • One Click to Secure Desktop: provides highly secured user’s environment (per Users / Groups).
    • • End-Point Device Protection: restricts access per device (per Users).
  • c)
  • Server Genius Essentials Details on website = see link
    1 RDS server and 1 Web server

    Monitoring your servers has never been so easy!

    Track remote access to Host Server and monitor RDP sessions.

    The Server Genius performance and application analytics engine instantly

    alerts IT teams to abnormal or suspicious user activity.

    • • Track and audit Remote Desktop accesses
    • • Monitor employee activity on Remote Desktop Servers
    • • Check whether remote users are actively working
    • • Monitor sessions running via RDP
    • • Check users’ time spent on the system via the RDP
    • • Gets real-time alerts and give immediate response to the threat
  • Official TS Plus Support Centre
  • https://www.terminalserviceplus.com/ The AMC in the Contract is the TS Plus Support Fee
    If AMC is not paid, then the TS Plus support will not be available in future and you will not be able to carry forward the TS plus to future years/ future computers
  • Cancellation / Transfers / Renting
  • TS Plus follows a non-cancellation policy. Licenses cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  • Other terms and conditions
  • All the Terms and conditions of the existing contract between Finsys and customer, shall continue, without any change.