Cloud vs On-Premises Server

| Cloud Vs On-Premises Server |


Because your business is evolving day by day, we understand you cannot always be behind your desk to check and manage your business’s operations. That is why we seek to continuously better the ways in which the Finsys ERP Software solution is deployed and ease how you manage your days.

At this point, Finsys ERP Software may be deployed on three different platforms: you may choose from cloud computing, from the Finsys ERP Software mobile app or from your desktop. We carefully and continuously study your needs to offer the best solution in achieving your goals and having your projects succeed.  Discover the ways in which each and every module can answer your needs.

IN THE WORKPLACE – “On Premise” server

If you prefer accessing the software from your Private Server. Yes, we are there for you. Your Server, your database, your LAN, your private controls. And you are not dependent on anybody outsider.

Your LAN based as well as WAN based and also your Wireless and Mobile users can use the ERP on the Fly.

Our reason-of-being is to deploy Finsys ERP Software on the Onpremises server platform is that it best suits your business reality.

The factories are usually located outside the city. The Internet is usually poor or unreliable. So, you want the factory users to be always ON. So, here it is.

Access at workplace has its share of benefits such as reducing expenses tied to the acquisition of cloud rentals,  For your information the servers we need are very very economical. So, relax and start towards the ERP journey, right away.


We are here too. If you have good Internet connection at your premises. Go for it.

The future of information technology certainly lies in cloud computing. Your app may be cloud shared. The Finsys ERP Software Cloud solution is made available for customers choosing to bring their business to the next level. Not only are all the Finsys ERP Software functions available on Cloud, your data is also protected in all times and expenses reduced by having the solution hosted by our experts in infrastructure security issues. Here is a way to gain access to your entire business without going through any internal resource to do so!

The savings is when you consider the cost of Data mirroring, Cross Country Disaster recovery site / online backup facilities etc


Is moving around part of your daily routine? If so, you should opt for a Finsys ERP Software solution accessible through your mobile phone. Either users of IOS or Android phones, all employees may benefit from the multiple advantages of Finsys ERP Software by means of their smart phone. By simply opening the app, everyone can manage agendas, get alerts, see company activities in real time, access to up-to-date analyses, monitor inventory, get complete information on a product and manage orders.

This access software is available for both ERP, whether on cloud or on premises.