ERP for Rubber Mould Manufacturing

"Finsys is one of the top ERP software for Rubber Moulded Components. It is being used in across India and West Asia. Over 65 Factories in the Rubber and Plastic Component Industry have adopted it.


We have successful Client at Pondicherry, Sriperumbudoor, Chennai, Chittoor, Vellore, Coimbatore, Baddi, Poanta sahib, Nalagarh, Solan, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Silvassa, (Dadra and Nagar Haveli),Vapi, Ahmedabad, Vadodhara(Gujarat),  Rudrapur(Uttarakhand), Khapoli(nr Mumbai, Maharashtra), NCR Delhi, Palwal, Prithla, Bahadurgarh, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Peethampur (Indore), and so on.

Our mission is to help plastics processors optimize profitability, internal processes and to offer the best possible customer service at the lowest operating cost.

Improve Performance and Manage Growth

Plastics and Rubber manufactures faceincreased demands quality, efficiency, on-time delivery, pricing and cost control amongst increased growth and demand of products across all markets. Manufactures as a result are looking for better ways to manage raw materials, improve production efficiency, tighten delivery schedules, and increase profits. Epicor for Rubber and Plastics is a proven solution to help meet the unique challenges manufacturers that focus on injection molding, thermal forming, extrusion, and similar complex manufacturing capabilities.

  • Improve operational effectiveness with real-time actionable visibility into plant and business operations.
  • Manage the design, prototype, and build of complex products to address new customer requirements.
  • Reduce waste with stronger cost control and management of key cost elements.
  • Maximize equipment effectiveness with real-time performance data and the ability to eliminate manual data collection.
  • Improve bottom line results by ongoing management of your supply chains.

Why did you make the purchase?
After our previous experiences with ERPs, we wanted to have a system that would take care of all the aspects of our business. I think Finsys fits the bill. When you have one system looking after all the processes, you are able to extract the gist and the right intelligence that a managing director needs to make decisions.

What features do you particularly like?
I liked three essential features in the system. One, it facilitates live reporting. This helps analyse key parameters. Two, it manages all taxations such as excise, VAT, etc., flawlessly. And the third, it also works on mobile platforms, both Android as well as iOS.

Finsys ERP software was not designed with plastics processing in mind. They tend to be very heavy and complicated to operate and have an extremely low rate of success in implementing the production and shop floor data acquisition modules. Grasping the true attainable benefits of an integrated ERP system is probably the single most difficult thing decision-makers must quantify. Successfully implementing an integrated solution must include the complete production process in order for it to provide meaningful bottom line results. made for molding solution, achieves these results with ease, without customization and with significantly less cost and risk.

Bring Efficiency to the Shop Floor

Give yourself a competitive edge in the marketplace with the efficiency and technical advantages provided by Finsys ERP software for manufacturers. Our easy to use ERP software allows Rubber manufacturers to eliminate waste in both direct and indirect costs. Real-time data and accurate inventory counts prevent delays and improve on-time delivery resulting in more sales for customers.

6 to 8 Oct 2015 :

India Corr Expo 2015 starts with a Bang. India Expo Centre, Greater Noida Potential customers from Corrugation Packaging, Automatic Plants, Semi Automatic Plants packaging visited. Some visitors evaluated the LIVE demo for as much as 45 to 60 minutes on site. One Deal finalised on the spot. Met 18 existing clients there

3rd Oct 2015 :

Roadshow of Finsys ERP at Sharjah. Attending by MD, CEO, CIO, CFO, Plant heads of Top Corrugation Packaging Plants in Dubai / Ajman / Sharjah converge. A new slogan, coined by someone in the audience "which is the number one corrugation software in the world". Finsys ERP.

1st February 2015 :

Saviour Biometric Reader. New CSV file for its daily attendance output... work started for the online "EDI" Electronic Data Interchange with Finsys ERP. Development team is on the job. Target Time complete and handover + make it live by 15th February 2015

29th January 2015 :

New Order : Corrugated boxes are made from a renewable resource. high in recycled content (mostly 100%), and are widely recyclable. And one of the largest Automatic Corrugating plants in Madhya Pradesh starts All Modules Purchase, Sales, Reels Stores, Engg Stores, QA, Planning, PPC, Exports, Excise, VAT .... And target is really Tough. The CMD wants it to be LIVE in 35 days. !!! Can the two teams do it......... #YesWeCan .


New Order 5 ply Automatic Corrugation Plant. Based in Bhiwandi, awards its order for ERP implementation to Finsys Packaging Software solution. Including Integration with SAP B1 of customers side.


New Order Another Automatic Corrugation Plant. Met the Finsys team at the India Corr Expo 2015, at Greater Noida, 20 days ago. discussed, finalised, and started work. Location : Madhya Pradesh, with one plant in West UP. Based in Bhiwandi, awards its order for ERP implementation to Finsys Packaging Software solution. Including Integration with SAP B1 of customers side.


New Order Finsys Software Chairman, M L Gupta, is pleased to announce that another packaging company located in East Maharashtra, has purchased Finsys Mobile App. With key software features including electronic Bar Code capture, The Customer will be able to reduce paper and streamline the shipping process.

Online QC

Android App based QC Module Enable quality teams to respond quicker to customer needs through automated quality processes and work to prevent the same issues from reoccurring.

20 May 2015 :

Security Gate management software -- Brand New software, never before by our company. Now the visitor photo is taken, details entered, E-request goes to the HR / Admin / concerned HOD. Visitor is allowed entry in the factory only on online approval. Plus HO knows who all visited my plant today, to meet whom and for how many minutes ? Which vendors are visiting my factory too many times ?

1 May 2015 :

Flat TV screens like a Railway station, beeming the latest information on the Schedules vs actual for all customers , today linked to the ERP. Raw Material in Red-Green-Yellow Zone, ( above Reorder level, below min level etc ) . LIVE at a big HONDA vendor. We did it. The customer liked it. Bonanza for Finsys

2nd February 2015 :

New Order : Order Confirmed. Work Started. Team reaches Mumbai office of Client. It is an integrated manufacturing complex, which converts Kraft paper rolls, getting corrugated cardboard and their packaging (boxes, die cut, etc..), in a fully automated production process. The group has plants in Maharashtra and Telangana. The companies operate on a total area of 50,000 square metres, producing 14,000,000 square metres of corrugated cardboard each month and approximately 8,000,000 of corrugated cardboard boxes. Congrats ! Keep it up.

29th January 2015 :

New Order : Corrugated boxes are made from a renewable resource. high in recycled content (mostly 100%), and are widely recyclable. And one of the largest Automatic Corrugating plants in Madhya Pradesh starts All Modules Purchase, Sales, Reels Stores, Engg Stores, QA, Planning, PPC, Exports, Excise, VAT .... And target is really Tough. The CMD wants it to be LIVE in 35 days. !!! Can the two teams do it......... #YesWeCan

21st September 2014 :

New Estimation and Costing Software released. New Feature : RSC Universal Type Box, Over Flap Model, Tray Model, Pad and Punching Item, HSC Model, Z & U Partitions, Bottom Self Locking Type Corrugated Boxes. The Customer was Happy. That made the Finsys team happy.

21th January 2015 :

New Order : ERP Software for Corrugation. Look no further. The largest market share already belongs to Finsys ERP. And this was one more. This company has two plants in Uttar Pradesh. The CEO said, I checked up your credentials with three of my contacts. All three gave "Positive" Report about you. I asked, "Does this vendor over-charge, later ?", "Is there any risk of their running away from responsibilities ?". "Am I safe with them ?". The CEO said, I got nothing negative about you. So, that is the reason of my selecting you. We still dont know whom he contacted, but, Thank you, all of you, our Patrons We respect your faith on us.

12th December 2014 :

New Order : New Plant of one of the top Indian Corrugators. Already successful ERP implemented at existing plants. New Plant comes up at NCR Delhi Options seen included MIS Software from Germany, New Zealand, UK and Singapore. Final winner: Finsys ERP

19th September 2014 :

Corrugated Bill of Material BOM based box Assembly. New Version of Controls for the Proper Costing of such Family/Accessories that go with the main product. Tray, partitions and dividers Requirement satisfied

16th September 2014 :

New Software Development for Kraft Paper Manufacturer. Booking the orders and also automatically calculating the Dealer Commission. Based on Settled Rate in "Wholesale Sauda" and the "actual rate" of commercial invoice to the end customer. of Course, the end to end ERP software goes along with it.

11th August 2014 : New Order

One More Automatic Corrugation plant, this one at Gaziabad. 55th Packagng plant going Live on Finsys soon. 2000 Tons per month conversion. Finsys is the best, aur kya ? Keep it up Finsys Team. Best ERP Solutions for the Corrugation Industry. The world is talking about it

8th to 10th July 2014

Indian Warehousing Show 2014 starts at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Finsys stall no C-15, click our special page for India Warehousing Show 2014 , for details

New Order : 4th July 2014 :

A Duplex Folded Cartons Factory at Gurgaon, They run S** at the Head office and for their 3 other plants. But the promoters were impressed by the powers of Finsys Packaging Industry ERP. So, now the Accounts and Sales order/invoices will be in SAP and all the rest in Finsys ERP

ERP as a Report Card

11.6.2014 : Show at the Bombay Master Printers Association. Mr Sangeet was the guest speaker, and presentation lasted about 1 hour. Review of powers of home grown Special Packaging ERP for the benefit of the members of Stb "Share to benefit" Cluster of the BMPA for the PPT, contact us

New Order : 4th April 2014 :

Bhwandi, and Ambernath, near Mumbai, Maharashtra Label Packaging manufacturer books Finsys ERP for its both plants. Accounts to continue on Ta**y, and Production, purchase, sales, stores, PPC, on Finsys. after 6 months, to evaluate full migration on Finsys ERP ( including accounting) Keep it up Mumbai team

8th March 2014

New Order. Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra. "Finsys is today certainly one of the best known Packaging Industry ERP. Hence the choice". said the E D of this 20 year old company. So, Finsys starts one more implementation at Mumbai. Phase 1 starts. E.D. taking full interest. Targeting to go live in 23 days

11th March 2014

New Order. Hyderabad, Telengana (Andra Pradesh ) Best Indian ERP for the Corrugation Plants, gets one more order. New City added in the list of cities covered by Finsys Team. Hyderabad - Secunderabad. via a client in Rajasthan.

14-16 March 2014

Successful Exhibition at Mumbai Finsys Team enjoys a good public footfall, including serious buyers in the market. The PRINTEX 2014 - Mumbai , was third amongst the series of Trade Shows and Exhibitions in which Finsys was showcased. Corrugation Convertors and Packaging Convertors reviewed the Cutting Edge IT Technologies with LIVE demo at the Finsys stall.

12th February 2014

New Order. Sri Perumpudur, near Chennai. Tamil Nadu. Another Indian owned company with 2 Monocarton and Automatic Corrugation Plants awards Finsys the contract for ERP . This marks exit of a large UK based MIS software. and Entry of Finsys ERP. Congrats to the Chennai Team.

2nd March 2014

New Order. a Digital Advertising Company based in Naraina New Delhi. facing problems due to manual, and excel based systems. Makes Finsys ERP in first 3 modules in just 10 days - stores, invoices and purchases. Choice was easy. since 4 of its senior staff members were already Finsys users in previous companies.

2nd February 2014

New Order. Pondicherry . 16th state added in the list of states in which, Finsys is serving. A Paper Mill manufacturing Kraft Paper switches to Finsys ERP. from 14BF, 16BF, 18BF, to 24 BF... now from its PPC to Bill, Accounts to Payroll, being shifted to Finsys. with online Mobile phone operated Finsys approvals.

25th January 2014

New Order. Coimbatore. Tamil Nadu. Large 5-ply Automatic Corrugation Plant decides to shift on Finsys ERP from day one. Factory inauguration expected in Feb 2014. And from the first entry itself, it shall be on a "system" -- the tested Finsys ERP System.

20th January 2014

New Order. Kolkatta, Howrah, West Bengal. Corrugated and Duplex Packaging Plants. says, "I do" to Finsys. Begin of a Age for Finsys. Start of the first Packaging ERP implementation in West Bengal.

17th January 2014

New Order. Rudrapur. Uttarakhand. Large Plant decides to shift on Finsys ERP. MOU Signed. JMD of the company said, we believe in the "best possible". Evaluated over 12 ERP packages including those from Singapore, Germany and UK. Finally found yours to be "Best in India today". Work starts. All Modules.

14th November 2013

New Order. Noida (UP) A very innovative Packaging Company. Duplex FC, Corrugation, Label/sticker printing decides to scrap its "non-successful" S** implementation, and shift to Finsys. Welcome Abroad. Incidently this day, was the Birthday of the FIL Chairman, Mr M L Gupta

4th Sept 2013

New Order. Chitoor, Andhra Pradesh, Flexible Packaging company, starts Finsys ERP implementation. Phase 1: Stores, Finance, Sales and Stores. Phase 2 : Production, PPC, Payroll

New Order : 10th June 2013 :

Extension of Order - A reknowned Manufacturer of Printing and Packaging Machines Using Finsys since 2007. Orders 8 new modules from Finsys, which it had not opted earlier. with new enhanced Planning, Task Management, Export Documentation and PPC modules

21st December 2014 :

New Order : Another large Automatic Corrugation plant mandates start of Finsys ERP implementation. Location : Chennai Zone. MD said, this is the best possible ERP that our money can buy, Indian ERP for Indian Companies, Practical, user friendly and economical

Recent News : Finsys World

Finsys has evolved in these 25 years of its existence, Some News clips

1st Sept 2016

Garment Accessories Manufacturer, awards contract for Finsys ERP for its Plants at Noida and Manesar.
They are Manufacturers and Exporters of Schiffley Embroidery Laces, Schiffley Embroidery Fabrics , Crochet Lace, GPO Laces, GPO Fabrics, Fancy Braids, Appliques Embroidery, Patches, Necks and High Fashion Garment Accessories

26th August 2016

New Order :
New Plant of a Folded Cartons Manufacturer at IMT Manesar. Goes live on Finsys ERP. Linked to its Head office at New Delhi. and Mother Plant in Greater Noida.
The Team at Head office at Ashoka Road, Delhi was happy that now they have the live control

24th August 2016

Gas stove Manufacturer goes online for invoice data : factory plus 7 depots on Finsys ERP. The modules of Purchase, Stores, Sales, VAT, Excise, Accounts went live before this.
Good Work

Dun & Bradstreet Rating

Our International unique D&B D-U-N-S� Number Is 67-692-0299
Our Current Rating : SE-2A
Second Highest in India

12th August 2016

New Order :
An Indian MNC with operations in multiple plants across Asia selects Finsys ERP for its recently added plant at Jaipur SEZ . This plants makes Wooden Furniture. End to end Solution from Gate Entry to Invoicing.
including Production WIP , Taxation and Accounts at Jaipur SEZ, Mahindra World City. ERP training started at Delhi HO

5th August 2016

Toyota online CSV Based upload of invoice data on Toyota Extranet. Integrated with Finsys ERP, for 7 important vendors of Toyota Kirloskar

( who are already working online JIT on Finsys ERP).

29th July 2016

New innovation. Stacking of Heavy Paper Reels. using Bar code Tracing. Where is the Reel stacked ? This question can now be answered LIVE. ABC Packaging Industries Ltd, Gaziabad has successfully implemented this extention of the ERP Software.
Kudos to Team ABC and Team Finsys

21st July 2016

Jaipur SEZ, goes live on WIP of ball bearing parts. Integrated with Finsys ERP, for important vendors of SKF

( who are already working online JIT on Finsys ERP).

2nd April 2016

New Delivery : COGS Method of Accounting. Implemented at a Casting and Machining Company. Two Plants. One at Greater Noida and second in Dharudhera with Head office at New Delhi. Mission Successful. See the Powerpoint at this link : COGS_accounting Finsys

20 April 2016

Accomplishment 100% Live success All 18 modules, that were a part of the contract. LIVE. At Gandhidham, Kutch, Gujarat. at a Automatic Corrugation Packaging Plant.Mission successful, End to end Solution from Gate Entry to Invoicing. including Production WIP , Taxation and Accounts Congratulations to the Finsys Maharashtra-Gujarat Team.

22nd April 2016

New Delivery :
QR Bar Code based Production Job Cards, for online instruction to the production floor.

Plus for Duplex Paper Issue at a Contract Manufacturer of ITC.
Mission Successful.
Ask us for the Video link :
(The company was already LIVE on Finsys ERP for last 6 years)

17th April 2016

New Order : Another Plastic Moulding Company at Roorkee, Haridwar selects Finsys ERP for its Operations, From Purchase, Sales Stores, Accounts, .Tax, Quality, Planning, HR
and just about everything. Infact a repeat order from a Group with already 4 plants running on Finsys ERP

2 x 2 printer for reel bar codes for Client shipped from New Delhi fully integrated Weighing Machine linkage done

Mission Successful at Mauritius Client goes live on first 2 modules Purchase Stores and parallel in accounts and sales

Event at Bangladesh Click here for complete coverage

E Circular - for Service Tax on Ocean Freight,
27th May 2016 :
E Circular - for Krishi Kalyan Cess, AIR Report,

24th May 2016

New Innovations by Development team,Powerpoint released,

Our Focus Industries

We are working in 17 Industries. Including Corrugation Packaging, Duplex Packaging, Pharma, Garment Accessories, Auto Components, Packaged Food, Electronics, Paints, Chemicals, and so on.

Purchase to Inventory to Vendor Payments


Sales order to Production to Billing to Collection


Accounting, Excise & Sales Tax


Customisation, Quality, Rejections, Wastages


Why People like us?

Reel issue by scanning with Mobile

Just scan the bar code and your material has been issued to concern department.

A Good fall back arrangement. Seniors who are take on , in case the first level does not manage a high end complex business problem
In syc with the changing Technologies.
Bar Codes, Scanners, Mobile Apps, Tabs, I-pads, and Large TV Screen Displays. Factory screens just like the Railway Station / Airport

Despatch Monitoring Screen

Help to monitor despatch with the color coding.

Window Based ERP

Full ERP from Engineering Planning to HR.

Mobile ERP For MD/CEO

MD and CEO level Reports.

Kanban System on Android

Scan the QR Code and inform Vendor to despatch your requirments.

We are the Oracle Gold Partners. Partnerships work ........Together we succeed.


Thanks again of developing team who give the special attention

-Vijay Adlakha Director of Infinity Advertising Group

Excellent Customised ERP. I am Happy to have chosen them

-Shemmugam/ TGI Packaging, Chennai.