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Fixed Asset Verification Software ( Physical Verification )

Finsys ERP Team has recently developed a New Software for Fixed Asset Verification.

Fixed Asset Scanning and Reconciliation

Steps required for Labelling

  1.   Enter the existing list or Upload Excel File of all existing assets into the Software
  2.  Print Bar Codes for each Machine / Computer / Laptop / Lab Equipment, or any other Fixed Asset and stick on its body.
  3.   Now you are ready to start your First Round of ERP Driven Fixed Asset Verification.

Verification Steps

  1. Aim your phone towards the Asset Sticker.
  2. Press Scan
  3. Press Save

Reconciliation of Asset information available with various departments and also with their physical status through the Android App.

Simplify EWay Bill With FINSYS-Webtel Integration

0 times faster, 100% accurate
Under GST, transporters should carry an eWay Bill when moving goods from one place to another when certain conditions are satisfied.
EWay Bill is an electronic way bill for movement of goods which can be generated on the eWay Bill Portal. Transport of goods of more than Rs. 50,000 (Single Invoice/bill/delivery challan) in value in a vehicle cannot be made by a registered person without an eway bill.
When an eway bill is generated a unique eway bill number (EBN) is allocated and is available to the supplier, recipient, and the transporter.
We at FINSYS provide you with two ways to generate the e-Way Bill No. :-

Option 1- FINSYS-Webtel Integration (Paid)
You can easily generate the e-Way Bill No. And have it printed automatically with the help of it.
Benefits:- Fast,Hassle-free, Automatic,No Human errors

Have you opened new Fin Year 2018-19 in Finsys ERP ?

30th March 2018
Dear Finsys Patron,

1st April 2018 brings a Change in the Financial year in ERP Softwares too
We at Finsys seek to make your transition to Financial year 2018-19 smooth and welcome.

Kindly read the suggestions below, and also the circulate the same to your team members.

  1. Create New Year
    1. The new year is opened only by the Administrator. This is a single click, 5 second exercise. The powerpoint, on how to do this is attached
  2. Accounts op balances
    1. Accounts Opening Balances to be transferred to the new year.
    2. This is also automatic. Powerpoint is attached.
    3. Yes, we understand that your accounts dept may continue putting entries in FY 17-18 for time being. And your admin can press the update button once a day / once a week to update.
  3. Item op balances
    1. Item Opening Balances to be transferred to the new year.
    2. This is also automatic.
    3. Powerpoint is attached.
    4. Yes, we understand that your stores dept may continue putting entries in FY 17-18 for time being. And your admin can press the update button once a day / once a week to update.
  4. GST wise invoice number
    1. As per GST rules each GST registered dealer has to be having unique invoice numbers every year.
    2. Usually all companies restart from 00001 on each 1st April 2018.
    3. Legally continuing the invoice number from the last number used in last year is also permitted, since it is still “unique”. Check with your consultant. And contact Finsys team for reconfiguration, if so required
  5. Two factories in same state
    1. In this case both factories will have same GSTIN
    2. And they will file a single GST return
    3. And as per GST law you cannot have same invoice number twice
    4. In this case the standard Finsys policy is numeric Prefix ( first digit ).
    5. Example : 4 plants in Haryana, will be done as follows
      1. Gurgaon branch code is 00, so invoice numbers are 000001 onwards
      2. Faridabad branch code is 01, so invoice numbers are 100001 onwards
      3. Bawal factory branch code is 02 so invoice numbers are 200001++
      4. Rohtak factory branch code is 03 so invoice numbers are 300001++
    6. Kindly see that the above is duly configured in your company
  6. Eway bills from 1-4-2018
    1. Separate Powerpoint being sent for this today within next few hours.
    2. That is also very important, pls see that.

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