WIP Tracing through Barcode

WIP Tracing through Barcode

WIP also known as Work-In-Progress or In-Process-Inventory. They are a company’s partially finished goods waiting for completion and eventual sale.

Material movement is mapped from the Store Issuance to the final stage i.e. Finished Goods Store . Material is entered at each stage just by scanning the Bar Code on it.This saves time, improves trace-ability and ensures live entry at each stage. This in turn leads to Lean Manufacturing

In view of helping you attain OPTIMAL Production Management by minimizing WIP, we introduce you to the BAR CODE linked WIP Movement.


  • This is a pioneering technology, being used only in probably only the most tech savvy, companies  in India
  • In this we print a bar code label at the stage of issue of material from stores to WIP.
  • When stage 1, say Moulding shop sends the WIP material, to assembly shop, it just scans the bin, and ERP records the entry with actual “date/time,machine,person”
  • At the next stage(stage 2), say Assembly shop, again data is entered  just by scanning the code
  • Same way the material bin continues to move stage to stage, upto the Finished Goods Godown

Features :-

  • Issue of mid stage Bought out parts into Assembly happens via the Bar code scanning.
  • Additional Bar Codes printed in case of major change in the item name during the production process.

Best used in Industry :- 

  • Every company which has a FG Godown.
  • Like Medical Disposables, Electronic Parts manufacturers
  • Electric equipment manufacturer
  • Auto components – Rubber, plastic, steel,
  • Chemicals and Paints manufacturers
  • Anybody, anywhere

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