Manuals : Finance Module 

How to use Finsys ? Finance Module  -- upto Bank Reconciliation, and review of Balance Sheet and P & L Account

(( Note = The Financial Accounts Module is quite similar for any kind of business. Whether your company makes anything from Rubber Auto Components,  to  large EOT Cranes and hoists, Printing Machines to Valves for Oil/Gas Energy sector; Corrugation and Duplex packaging to Lami Tube packaging, And Large Engineering Construction Companies.   


So, you can use these manuals to irrespective of the specific business you are in.

Some Financial Accounting Manuals

1 Example of a Financial Accounts, List of accounts ( General Ledger Accounts )   47kb PDF format
2 Accounts Main Groups of Assets, Liabilities, Income heads and Expense Ledger Heads 33kb XLS
3 Accounts Examples + manual of how to create sub groups in Finsys  0.6mb MS Word
4 Supporting files for control Panel study   (very important settings, before the ERP entries are to start)  1.0mb MS Word
5 Quick Cash Vouchers   ( for Cash Payments, Cash Receipts etc)   MS Word
6 Quick Bank Vouchers ( for Bank Payments, Cheque Printing and Payment Advice / Cheque Forwarding Letter )   MS Word
7 Voucher-Multi Voucher   ( for Bank Receipts and Bank Payments, against multiple Bills ) very good and very fast data entry    MS Word
8 Special Bank Vouchers--> Cheque favouring somebody else ( ex in case of Credit Card payment, Electricity pymt etc )    MS Word
9 Debit note  - how to make it ?   MS Word
10 Credit note How to make it ?   MS Word
12 Bank Reconciliation -already cleared entries   MS Word
12A Cash Book training -- 5 formats 1.9 mb MS Word
13 Stock entries - year end and year start   MS Word
14 Year end Balancesheet entries stock, profit   Excel
15 FAQ_stores_coding_in_accounts   MS Word
16 Job worker's Bill passing. -->  Manual in Finance Module. It shows how to automation of "Job Worker bill passing". It links the MRR with Job Worker PO, auto passed into Accounts. (TDS is also automatic). Click here, for details 0.6 mb MS Word



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