How to control the Vendor Quality Rejection in Accounts
Suggestion for the "partially passed+partially rejected shipment"
Step 1 = let the Finsys ERP pass the vendor bill in full ( based on qnty )
Step 2 = then the accounts / dispatch sends back the bad material by a purchase return invoice  ==  this becomes the debit note cum challan for material.
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Note, if the accounts dept tries to make any payment for any invoice to this party
ERP says, sorry, I will not allow
See the screens below
above screen shows that the material is pending, so, payment not allowed


here it shows that these and these shipments are pending in rejection stores




WHEN YOU MAKE THE PURCHASE RETURN INVOICE == It will show the rejected inwards shipments of that vendor as follows automatically


Invoice will be printed And its entry in accounts ? will be done automatcially




Automatic debit credit - Good , as shown above

Automatic sales tax also - Good idea 


Final payment after this deduction


Now its payment is being made



This bill no 004 is set off

 This bill is set off


Allow payment of these two bills


If you agree
Then we will update this control in the ERP
Pls give your consent to your ERP Team
Benefits of this lock = very good
Problems of this lock = none 
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