Finsys Infotech Limited's  Auto Component Industry Manual 

Finsys ERP , made specially for Auto Component Industry

Finsys is proud to be associated with a lot of companies in the business of Manufacture of the various varieties of Sheet Metal, Forging, Castings, washers, Fastners, and other components of Plastic and Rubber.

You can have a look on some of the features as shown below


Master Files



Gate Entry 

1 PDF of Gate Entry Register ( Click here) 
2 PDF of Gate Entry Slip ( For a Raw Material, purchased against a approved Purchase Order)( Click here) 
3 PDF of Gate Entry Slip ( From a Job Worker)( Click here) 
4 Detailed 20 pg manual on how to do the Gate Entry in Finsys  click here Manual
5 Detailed 3 pg manual ( admin option) Manual to see who has deleted with Gate entries ?  Manual


Stores Operations

1 MRR to Material Issue, ( 20 pg)
2 Inventory JV Process auto component
3 manuals-auto-components/MRR_Against_PO.pdf
4 manuals-auto-components/ MRR_COSTING_Finsys_ERP_FIFO_wt_avg.doc  
5 manuals-auto-components/Physical_ Stock_verification_manual_2008.doc  
6 Rejected stock ledger  
7 manuals-auto-components/ Some_Good_Reports__Inventory_Module.pdf  
8 manuals-auto-components/Stock_Summary_Reports.pdf  
9 manuals-auto-components/STOCK_ SUMMARY_with_bin_location.pdf  
10 manuals-auto-components/Store -Goods issued from stores to production.pdf  
11 manuals-auto-components/Store_Issue.pdf  
12 manuals-auto-components/Store_Returned.pdf  
13 manuals-auto-components/Tag - identification.pdf  


Maximum Minimum Level controls

1 manuals-auto-components/Items_over_Maximum_level.pdf
2 manuals-auto-components/Items_with_ movement_with_defined_Min_max_ROL.pdf
3 manuals-auto-components/min_level_report.pdf
4 How to fix the Maximum and minimum levels

and how to see their reports click here 




Stores Operations - Job Workers

Jobworker Mgmt Manual - How to make a RGP, Challan ( Returable, Excisable challan for sending goods to your vendor. 

1 Manual : for RGP work, with conversion of form ( Click here)  1.56 mb
2 Manual : for RGP work, with conversion of form ( Click here)   0.65 mb
3 Manual : for NRGP work ( Click here)  1.33 mb

PDF files ( actual ERP 1 pg files ) : 

4 PDF of RGP Challan ( Returnable), Excisable 57F(4) format ( Click here)   

PDF of RGP Challan ( Returnable), 

Finsys format, showing what is going out and what is to come back ( used in case of conversion of form) 

Format 101 showing conversion ( Click here) 

Format 102 showing No conversion ( Click here) 





1 manuals-auto-components/Quality/201-Combined-Rejection-Report.pdf
2 manuals-auto-components/Quality/202-QC-Reject-Moulding-Report-with-COPQ-PPM_and_reasons_of_defect_2pg.pdf
  manuals-auto-components/Quality/203-QC, Maint-Machine-Downtime-Report-with-reasons_months_machines.pdf  
  manuals-auto-components/Quality/204-DateWise-or-Shiftwise Prdn Report-which-date-what_reject.pdf  
  manuals-auto-components/Quality/206-Quality_Tfr_Vs_Sales Report(to_know_how_many_going_without_inspection).pdf  


main Quality Control Inspection Module auto components  
Main manuals-auto-components/Quality/Quality-Inspection-Reports-skg.pdf  
Main manuals-auto-components/Quality/Vendor_Rating_Logics__FINSYS_ERP.pdf  

ERP for Auto Component Industry 

These above are some of the special developments for the Auto Component industry. They are also applicable and useful for the companies into manufacturing lines of Rubber, Plastic, Sheet Metal, turned, Ferrous Casting, Non ferrous Castings, Fasteners and so on.

Finsys is serving clients in  North India, in NCR Delhi, around Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Palwal, Prithla, Himachal/Uttaranchal etc.  

Finsys ERP runs on Oracle for these applications.[a], 9312608426

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