Pharma and Chemicals

Fed up of handling the pressure of Safety Parameters and Quality Optimization in Pharma Industry ??

Relax!! We at Finsys provide you with an ERP solution to help you run your Business smoothly.

Finsys ERP is a Technologically advanced ERP, that continuously helps you manage your day-to-day business activities without compromising the Stated Quality standards .

We provide you with a system to access entire information related to sales, Production, Quality Documentation and Material Resource Planning from a single source I.e. ERP Software.

Following are the distinct Features of our ERP:-

  • Material Entry through system
  • Stringent Quality checks at Material Inward stage
  • Material Resource Planning
  • Batch wise issuance for production
  • Various checks at Production start
  • Outward QC
  • Shelf life maintenance in system
  • Entire Production Cycle trace-ability
  • Bug free Taxation Calculations
  • Excellent Batch Trace-ability