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Meet us at Shanghai - Hall number N4 - Stall number "N4-D05"

ERP Software for Corrugation Packaging Industry, .. Now after 70 packaging plants in India, Larger Asia and Africa, now... launch Android based ERP solutions at the Shanghai Expo. Sino Corrugated 2017.

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Welcome to Finsys Infotech Limited

Recent News :

11th April 2017 :  Launch of our new Website : .....bigger Horizons... shows in the name too.

10th April 2017 : Mumbai Team of Finsys ERP reaches Goa, for the Trainings and preparation for the top 3 Corrugation Packaging Plant in Goa. The 21st State of India, with a Finsys implementation. Congratulations Finsys Team.

9th April 2017 : Finsys Team reaches Shanghai, for the one and only Sino Corrugated 2017. Sino Folded Cartons 2017. Welcome India to China.

8th April : E Circular Released on the new Cash payments norms. Cash over Rs 10000 not allowed at all in business. See E-Circular.

7th April 2017, the Team comes back after the success at Jaipur SEZ, for the Laminates and Flexible Packaging Plant work. Welcome back.

6th April, Rudrapur plant of Duplex folded Cartons unit of our existing client also goes live on Finsys ERP.

5th April : Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu , both new Corrugation packaging Clients give their "OK" for the Checklist of Go Live, was successful for 1st April 2017. Congratulations for the whole team.

5th April 2017: E Circular Released on IMSME ECircular   HRA and Rent Receipts - see the Do's and Don'ts dated 5 4 2017 ITAT Court Decision. See E-Circular.

4th April 2017 : Finsys Celebrates the New year and the Birthdays of the Month of March 2017 at its Faridabad office

3rd April 2017 : Finsys Goes Live at Noida plant of a Cable Manufacturer. Stores, Purchase, Sales, and Accounts Modules

1st April 2017 : Finsys ERP Goes live at Hyderabad , a large 2000 Ton Corrugation Packaging Plant

We are working in 17 Industries. Including Pharma, Garment Accessories, Auto Components, Packaged Food, Electronics, Paints, Chemicals, and so on. Of these, following two sectors are the biggest for us 


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India Corr Expo 2013 -  Finsys Success
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India Corr Expo 2016 - Good one at Mumbai + interview by International E-Magazines
India Corr Expo 2017 - Booked by Finsys, one year in advance

Also stall display at Plast India 2015 | India Corr Expo  Mumbai 2014 | India Warehousing Show 2014 | Printex 2014



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28th May 2016 : 

Garment Accessories Manufacturer, awards contract for Finsys ERP for its Plants at Noida and Manesar. 

They are Manufacturers and Exporters of Schiffley Embroidery Laces, Schiffley Embroidery Fabrics , Crochet Lace, GPO Laces, GPO Fabrics, Fancy Braids, Appliques Embroidery, Patches, Necks and High Fashion Garment Accessories

27th May 2016 : 

Start of another project at Baddi, HP. Steel Auto Parts. over 5 Acre project

Our International unique D&B D-U-N-S® Number Is 67-692-0299  

Our Current Rating : SE-2A

Second Highest in India

26th May 2016 : 

E Circular - for Service Tax on Ocean Freight, 

27th May 2016 : 

E Circular - for Krishi Kalyan Cess, AIR Report, 

24th May 2016 : 

New Innovations by Development team, Powerpoint released, 

1st May 2016 : 

New Order :   

An Indian MNC with operations in multiple plants across Asia selects Finsys ERP for its recently added plant at Jaipur SEZ . This plants makes Wooden Furniture. End to end Solution from Gate Entry to Invoicing. including Production WIP , Taxation and Accounts 

at Jaipur SEZ, Mahindra World City. ERP training started at Delhi HO

26th April  2016 : 

Toyota online CSV Based upload of invoice data on Toyota Extranet. 

Integrated with Finsys ERP, for 7 important vendors of Toyota Kirloskar ( who are already working online JIT on Finsys ERP).

22nd April  2016 : 

New Delivery :  QR Bar Code based Production Job Cards, for online instruction to the production floor. Plus for Duplex Paper Issue at a Contract Manufacturer of ITC.  

Mission  Successful. 

Ask us for the Video link : 

(The company was already LIVE on Finsys ERP for last 6 years)

17th April 2016 : 

New Order :   

Another Plastic Moulding Company at Roorkee, Haridwar selects Finsys ERP for its Operations, From Purchase, Sales Stores, Accounts, .Tax, Quality, Planning, HR and just about everything. 

Infact a repeat order from a Group with already 4 plants running on Finsys ERP

2 x 2 printer for reel bar codes for Client shipped from New Delhi

fully integrated


Weighing Machine linkage done

3rd April  2016 : 

New Delivery :   

Automotive parts company , with end to end Bar Codes implementation: Successful.

at Jaipur SEZ, Mahindra World City.

See the Youtube Video

2nd April  2016 : 

New Delivery :  COGS Method of Accounting. Implemented at a Casting and Machining Company. Two Plants. One at Greater Noida and second in Dharudhera with Head office at New Delhi. 

Mission  Successful. 

See the Powerpoint at this link : 

COGS_accounting Finsys

20th April 2016 : 


100% Live success All 18 modules, that were a part of the contract. LIVE. At Gandhidham, Kutch, Gujarat.

at a Automatic Corrugation Packaging Plant.

Mission successful, End to end Solution from Gate Entry to Invoicing. including Production WIP , Taxation and Accounts 

Congratulations to the Finsys Maharashtra-Gujarat Team. 

Mission Successful at Mauritius 

Client goes live on first 2 modules Purchase Stores 

and parallel in accounts and sales

Event at Bangladesh 

Click here for complete coverage





31st October 2015 : 

New Delivery :   

Toyota Bar Codes : made compulsory for all Tier 1 Vendors. ... Must appear on their Invoices. and on A4 stationery only.

Finsys ERP already has all required features. 

Mission Accomplished Successfully for the  vendors of Kirloskar Toyota, who run Finsys. 


New Order

5 ply Automatic Corrugation Plant. Based in Bhiwandi, awards its order for ERP implementation to Finsys Packaging Software solution.   

Including Integration with SAP B1 of customers side.



New Order

Another Automatic Corrugation Plant. Met the Finsys team at the India Corr Expo 2015, at Greater Noida, 20 days ago. discussed, finalised, and started work. 

Location : Madhya Pradesh, with one plant in West UP. Based in Bhiwandi, awards its order for ERP implementation to Finsys Packaging Software solution.   

Including Integration with SAP B1 of customers side.


New Order

Finsys Software Chairman, M L Gupta, is pleased to announce that another packaging company located in East Maharashtra, has purchased Finsys Mobile App. With key software features including electronic Bar Code capture, The Customer will be able to reduce paper and streamline the shipping process.

Online QC

Android App based QC Module

Enable quality teams to respond quicker to customer needs through automated quality processes and work to prevent the same issues from reoccurring.


7th Oct 2015 :

Printweek Awards 2015. Prize Winners include Finsys Clients, Congratulations to all

6 to 8 Oct 2015 :

India Corr Expo 2015  starts with a Bang. India Expo Centre, Greater Noida

Potential customers from Corrugation Packaging, Automatic Plants, Semi Automatic Plants packaging visited. Some visitors evaluated the LIVE demo for as much as 45 to 60 minutes on site.  One Deal finalised on the spot. Met 18 existing clients there 

Third Sequel of the Sino Corrugated in India. Finsys is a proud exhibitor, in every sequel


New Order

A Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant at Pune, selects Finsys as its chosen ERP. Operations , SRS, CRP and UAT process starts. All Modules from Sales & Distribution, to Production , QC inwards to QC Outwards, including Accounts


New Order

Electrical Control Panel maker at Greater Noida, selects Finsys ERP as its growth catalyst. They also make AMF Panels / Auto Synchronize Panels, PCC Panels, MCC Panels, APFC Panels, Control And Relay Panels, VFD Panels


Finsys Celebrates with launching the Metro Train service at Faridabad. 

The staff and clients rejoice, as the Neelam Chowk - Ajronda Station is fused together with the Crowwn Plaza Mall, where the Finsys office is situated.  click

19th August 2015

Mr Sangeet Gupta, addresses the audience at the Bhiwadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At Hotel Country inn, Bhiwadi. 

Mr Sangeet and team was invited to speak on the topic of Credit Felicitation, and how the MSME units must use the modern technology to increase efficiency and profits of their member units. 


E Circular Released

with Answers to questions on levy of Service tax on the Re-imbursement of expenses.

FAQ : Dear I am SME of India Team,
We are an Architect firm. We do designing and project consultancy for construction contracts. We hear that service tax is now levied even on the travel, hotel and food expense we incur for visiting the clients. Is this true ?”.
Please advise. Thanks and Best Regards, M/s. ABC, Faridabad.
Click here for complete Circular

3rd Oct 2015 :

Roadshow of Finsys ERP at Sharjah. Attending by MD, CEO, CIO, CFO, Plant heads of  Top Corrugation Packaging Plants in Dubai / Ajman / Sharjah converge. A new slogan, coined by someone in the audience "which is the number one corrugation software in the world". Finsys ERP.


Speaker at Bangladesh : Hotel Radisson blu, Dhaka

Mr Sangeet Gupta, was on the dias. with the team from India. The Event was inauguration of the "I am SME of Bangladesh".

It was declared "open" by his Excellency, Honorable Governor of Bangladesh Bank ( the Reserve Bank of Bangladesh)
Click here for complete coverage 


Speaker at Bangladesh BIBM (part of Reserve Bank of Bangladesh Coaching Academy)

Mr Sangeet Gupta, took a specific session for 250 entreprenuers. 
Click here for photos and summary

I am SME of Bangladesh, including photos, Videos, and agenda of the seminar. Click here


E Circular Released

with Answers to questions on levy of Service tax on the Re-imbursement of expenses.

FAQ Answered : We are planning to send one of our staff to China to handle our shipments. This guy will sit in office of our Vendors and handle our purchasing, Quality, and shipments. He will be paid remuneration by our vendor to cover his expenses in China + we will continue to pay his salary in India. 
He will go to China on working VISA and I think my agent will have to show him as their staff on contractual basis for one year or so basis which he will get work permit / VISA.
Please advice if any tax complication for him since he will be drawing salaries at two ends simultaneously.
Thanks and Best Regards, ABC , M/s. XYZ, IMT Manesar click here for Answers

Circular on Black Money Act 2015


E Circular Released (contd)

with Answers to questions on levy of Service tax on the Re-imbursement of expenses.

FAQ : Dear Mr Rajiv Chawla,
Our Vendor , being a C and F Agent, for arranging our imported raw material from China and Taiwan, has started asking for Service tax on his re-imbursements like Haulage Charges, Consultant Charges, Documentation Charges etc
Is he correct ? Is there a recent change in law ?
Regards, M/s XYZ, Ludhiana.
Click here for complete Circular

24 May 2015 :

Another Plastic Moulding company, in Sriperumbudur, Chennai shifts to Finsys ERP. Welcome auto sector companies like the special PPM, OEE, Family Mould, Down Time, Mat Requirement Planning, features of Finsys. Congrats Team Finsys

20 May 2015 :

Security Gate management software -- Brand New software, never before by our company. Now the visitor photo is taken, details entered, E-request goes to the HR / Admin / concerned HOD. Visitor is allowed entry in the factory only on online approval.

Plus HO knows who all visited my plant today, to meet whom and for how many minutes ? Which vendors are visiting my factory too many times ?

28 Apr 2015 :

FMCG , that is TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwaves, Mixi.... we have the ERP to handle their moulding, assembly, shipment, taxation, accounts. So, one more customer, This one in Noida. 

They were recommended Finsys ? Yes, As many as 7 Finsys using MD's, recommended Finsys to this company

7 May 2015 :

A mid size Seven Plant company into Rubber and Plastic Moulding in Ahmedabad, with plants in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and UP too, signs on and starts Finsys ERP implementation.

Big project. mid year conversion. Let's do it. Work is ON.

1 May 2015 :

Flat TV screens like a Railway station, beeming the latest information on the Schedules vs actual for all customers , today

linked to the ERP.

Raw Material in Red-Green-Yellow Zone, ( above Reorder level, below  min level etc ) . LIVE at a big HONDA vendor. We did it. The customer liked it. Bonanza for Finsys 

5 Feb 2015 :

Plastindia starts with a Bang. Attended Inauguration Ceremony, just next to our Hall, by Chief Minister of Gujarat, H E Anandi Ben Patel

Good Footfall on Day one. Potential customers from Flexible Packaging, Moulded Caps, Blow Bottles, cPVC pipes, and PVC Fittings, Auto Components, TV-Refrigerator parts visited. Some visitors evaluated the LIVE demo for as much as 30 to 60 minutes on site.

Excellent !  

Welcome to our stall for LIVE Demo

stall no C-37, Hall no 9, Helipad Ground, near Mahatma Mandir, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.

3rd February 2015 : 

New Order :  The Largest Exporter of Artificial Leather from India selects Finsys ERP. They wanted a comprehensive MIS Software. 

They are Manufacturer of coated, embossed, foam and fiberfill laminated and artificial leather fabrics for automotive, Bags, Footwear and furniture upholstery 
Some people call it fake leather, others synthetic leather, artificial leather or PU ... 

All Modules  FA, MM, FICO, QA, PPC, Exports, Excise, VAT ....

Congrats to team Finsys

2nd February 2015 : 

New Order :  Order Confirmed. Work Started. Team reaches Mumbai office of Client.

It is an integrated manufacturing complex, which converts Kraft paper rolls, getting corrugated cardboard and their packaging (boxes, die cut, etc..), in a fully automated production process. 
The group has plants in Maharashtra and Telangana.
The companies operate on a total area of 50,000 square metres, producing 14,000,000 square metres of corrugated cardboard 
each month and approximately 8,000,000 of corrugated cardboard boxes. 

Congrats ! Keep it up.

1st February 2015 : 

Saviour Biometric Reader. New CSV file for its daily attendance output... work started for the online "EDI" Electronic Data Interchange with Finsys ERP.

Development team delivered the job. Time complete and handover + made it live by 15th February 2015.

29th January 2015 : 

New Order :   

Corrugated boxes are made from a renewable resource. high in recycled content (mostly 100%), and are widely recyclable. And one of the largest Automatic Corrugating plants in Madhya Pradesh starts
All Modules  Purchase, Sales, Reels Stores, Engg Stores, QA, Planning, PPC, Exports, Excise, VAT ....

And target is really Tough. The CMD wants it to be LIVE in 35 days. !!! Can the two teams do it......... #YesWeCan

28th January 2015 : 

New Delivery :   

HMSI Bar Codes : made compulsory for all Tier 1 Vendors. ... Must appear on their Invoices.

Finsys ERP already has all required features. 

Mission Accomplished Successfully for all the 7 Tier-1 vendors of Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Limited, plants Manesar, and Tapukara 

21th January 2015 : 

New Order :  ERP Software for Corrugation. Look no further. The largest market share already belongs to Finsys ERP. And this was one more. This company  has two plants in Uttar Pradesh.


continued 2.

The CEO said, I checked up your credentials with three of my contacts. All three gave "Positive" Report about you. I asked, "Does this vendor over-charge, later ?", "Is there any risk of their running away from responsibilities ?". "Am I safe with them ?". The CEO said, I got nothing negative about you. So, that is the reason of my selecting you.

We still dont know whom he contacted, but, Thank you, all of you, our Patrons We respect your faith on us. 

15th Jan 2015 : 

Plastic Moulding Company, Very Large Player in the Market, with both B2B and B2C segments. Making readymade White Goods like Coolers, AC, LED TV, Refrigerators, Mixi etc  under own Brand and also under Contract for various MNC's.

Also supplier of Plastic components to various Industry Leaders


13th Jan 2015 : 

Aurangabad based company, adds on modules of HR, Payroll, online Leave Request system, online staff advance, and online biodata, contractor employee salaries software, preventive maintenance and accidental maintenance modules.

Satisfied customer. Add-on order.

10th Jan 2015 : 

Valsad  based company, adds on modules of Production Control, Bill of Material, Planning, Yield, Batch in process Traceability modules.

Another Satisfied customer. Add-on order.

5th Jan 2015 : 

Kohlapur  based company, restarts ERP implementation. Makes Milk products, Dahi, (Yogurt), Paneer, Icecream etc.

ERP for Food products, including their Production Control, Bill of Material, Planning, Yield, Batch in process Traceability modules.

Referral from a Faridabad Based customer

2nd December  2014 : 

Tractor Equipment Company starts new Plant. This Brass and Bronze Casting Components company at Faridabad awards contract for ERP Finsys.

Want ERP to start from Day One. First PO, First payment, onwards all things on Finsys ERP started. 

12th December  2014 : 

New Order : New Plant of one of the top Indian Corrugators. Already successful ERP implemented at existing plants.

New Plant comes up at NCR Delhi

Options seen included MIS Software from Germany, New Zealand, UK and Singapore. Final winner: Finsys ERP




21st December 2014 : 

New Order :  Another large Automatic Corrugation plant mandates start of Finsys ERP implementation. Location : Chennai Zone. MD said, this is the best possible ERP that our money can buy, Indian ERP for Indian Companies, Practical, user friendly and economical

23rd September  2014 : 

Video Manual Released for CRM, SCM. Customers Presales and Enquiry Management module requirement satisfied


21st September  2014 : 

New Estimation and Costing Software released. New Feature : RSC Universal Type Box, Over Flap Model, Tray Model, Pad and Punching Item, HSC Model, Z & U Partitions, Bottom Self Locking Type Corrugated Boxes.

The Customer was Happy. That made the Finsys team happy.

19th September  2014 : 

Corrugated Bill of Material BOM based box Assembly. 

New Version of Controls for the Proper Costing of such Family/Accessories that go with the main product. Tray, partitions and dividers

Requirement satisfied

10th September  2014 : 

New Concept to help,  Multiple Purchase Departments, within a single company. Meant for "LAAARGE" Purchase Departments, where you have 5 HOD's with seperate staff each for overseeing seperate vendor sections like 1 for Imports, 2nd for Domestic Steel and Plastic only, 3rd for Components, 4th Team for General supply only and 5th for Job Workers

Get Set Go

Last 30 days for the 

India Corr Expo 2014

at Mumbai 14-15-16 October 2014

16th September  2014 : 

New Software Development for Kraft Paper Manufacturer. Booking the orders and also automatically calculating the Dealer Commission. Based on Settled Rate in "Wholesale Sauda" and the "actual rate" of commercial invoice to the end customer.

of Course, the end to end ERP software goes along with it.

12nd September 2014 : 

New Vendor Rating Logic made. (4th logic in our arsenal now)

for a Capital goods company, with over 400 regular suppliers. 

This automation will help them save a lot of time.

11th August 2014 : New Order   

One More Automatic Corrugation plant, this one at Gaziabad. 55th Packagng plant going Live on Finsys soon.  2000 Tons per month conversion. 

Finsys is the best, aur kya ? Keep it up Finsys Team. 

Best ERP Solutions for the Corrugation Industry. The world is talking about it 


Finsys Makes another Financial contribution to Corbett Foundation for FY 14-15. 

Finsys is proud to be associated with Project Tiger and The Corbett Foundation. That is caring for the Flora and Fauna at Jim Corbett Wildlife Park, Uttarachal. We invite you too to become a member of the foundation.


28th July 2014 : New Order   

Finsys inks deal with a  New Delhi based International Venetian Blinds manufacturer.

ERP to include Web-portal where the customer(dealers)  can directly enter  the sales orders to the Factory, and track them upto delivery.

can also see the past shipment position, and Complaints and payment history etc

22nd August 2014 : Addon  Order   

Existing client in Manufacturing of Pumps, places order for additional Plant. New Plant at Karkhana Bagh, Faridabad..

New Concept. Sale of Software licence only. with self implementation.

 8th to  10th July 2014

Indian Warehousing Show 2014 starts  at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Finsys stall no C-15, click our special page for India Warehousing Show 2014 , for details

New Order :  7th July 2014

ERP implementation starts at another  Japanese (100% wholly owned subsidiary) at Noida. This Plastic Component manufacturer,  

They placed order on Finsys for its dedicated Plastic Moulded components ERP software.  All Modules from Production, PPC, Stores, Purchase to Finance. Payroll and QC

New Order : 4th July 2014 :  A Duplex Folded Cartons Factory at Gurgaon,

They run S** at the Head office and for their 3 other plants.

But the promoters were impressed by the powers of Finsys Packaging Industry ERP. So, now the Accounts and Sales order/invoices will be in SAP and all the rest in Finsys ERP

New Order : 5th July 2014 :  An Automobile Dashboard instruments manufacturer awards Second order for Finsys ERP - Phase 1 nearly complete.

Now the tough part starts - Production and PPC. 

ERP as a Report Card

11.6.2014 : Show at the Bombay Master Printers Association. Mr Sangeet was the guest speaker, and presentation lasted about 1 hour. Review of powers of home grown Special Packaging ERP for the benefit of the members of Stb "Share to benefit" Cluster of the BMPA  

for the PPT, contact us

New Order : 24th May 2014 :  A Bulk Fruit pulp manufacturer with contract manufacturing facilities at Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Karnataka placed order on Finsys ERP.

Work includes the sales offices at Amsterdam(Netherlands), Dubai(UAE), and Myanmar (Burma). Server in Gurgaon HO of the client, 

New Order : 13th May 2014:   A US MNC company's Navi Mumbai Engineering Office places order on Finsys.

This will be a brand new software development project.

Entry and Monitoring of the Engineers manpower labour hours devoted on each project, its costing, Budget vs actual hours, approvals of work, plus usual Accounts, billing etc

onsite as well as offsite 

New Software Development : 1st July 2014  : New module for Job Card, for the Packaging Industry, with metal and plastic child parts

Slowly as the wooden pallets are being banned/phased out across the world, the age of super-tough Corrugated pallets has started. These have re-inforcements of Steel, Wood and Plastic . Finsys ERP makes special development for them.

New Order : 2nd May 2014 :  

A South Korean controlled Company at Chakan, Pune orders for full ERP from Finsys.

Congrats ! Team Finsys.

Product : Auto Components - Tier 1  assemblies for Passenger cars of Maruti, GM, Mahindra, Fiat, Nissan 

New Order : 24th April 2014 :  

Jaipur SEZ - First Finsys Client in the Jaipur SEZ.

An International Plastic Moulded Component Manufacturer. 

Begins its commercial operations at Mahindra World City, Jaipur SEZ. 

powered by Finsys ERP. 


Finsys Makes another Financial contribution to Help Age India for FY 14-15. 

This comes from of our Corporate Social Responsibility corpus. We have been contributing to the Society. And we love it


New Order : 4th April 2014 :  

Bhwandi, and Ambernath, near Mumbai, Maharashtra

Label Packaging manufacturer books Finsys ERP for its both plants.  Accounts to continue on Ta**y, and Production, purchase, sales, stores, PPC, on Finsys.

after 6 months, to evaluate full migration on Finsys ERP ( including accounting)

Keep it up Mumbai team.


Finsys Makes another Financial contribution for the welfare of the Tribal students under the aegis of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. 

This comes from of our Corporate Social Responsibility corpus. We have been contributing to the Society. And we love it

 1st April 2014

All targeted Clients Go LIVE on Finsys Successfully .

Congrats to all involved.

Ready Steady to GO LIVE, at all new clients during April 2014, for all the Phase 1 / Planned modules.

 30th March 2014

Update on Finsys ERP at Shirur, Pune, Maharashtra

Sheet Metal Components company gets ready in Finsys ERP implementation, phase 2.  Blueprint phase done, Masters : Done, Formats : Done, Training :Done.

Simulation : starts 

Ready to Go LIVE = Yes.

They make parts for Switchgear industry like Cabinet or structure, Doors, Interlocks, Bus splices, Bus insulation and standoff insulators, Bus supports, Section bus barriers, Control circuit components, Control and instrument transformer drawer, tray or trunion, Control relays, Protective relays, Meters and instruments, Surge arrestors

Good show at Printex 2014 at Mumbai : 14-16 March 2014, Hall no 5, Stall no A-15

for details of what we did, click here

Newspaper coverage click here

 22nd March 2014

ERP process at Nashik, Maharashtra

Engineering Service Company. which does the Designing of Auto Components for various 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler auto companies in India and Abroad.

places order on Finsys ERP for fast track ERP implementation. Manpower hours, budgeted hours vs actual, budgeted cost vs actual, and Accounting modules

 3rd March 2014

New Order. Japanese MNC Joint Venture starts the "fast track" ERP implementation of Finsys ERP in Tapukara, Rajasthan

Selection process took 10 months. in which 8 international ERP companies were considered by them.

Selection reason was reported to be Successful Experience with Implementing ERP's  in Plastic Moulding and Rubber Moulding Companies (44 times already)

 8th March 2014

New Order. Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra. 

"Finsys is today certainly one of the best known Packaging Industry ERP. Hence the choice". said the E D of this 20 year old company. 

So, Finsys starts one more implementation at Mumbai.

Phase 1 starts. E.D. taking full interest. Targeting to go live in 23 days

 11th March 2014

New Order. Hyderabad, Telengana (Andra Pradesh ) 

Best Indian ERP for the Corrugation Plants, gets one more order. New City added in the list of cities covered by Finsys Team. Hyderabad - Secunderabad.

via a client in Rajasthan.



12th March 2014     

E- Circular : 

Finsys team releases the E circular on the "Corporate Social Responsibility" norms, as laid down in the Companies Act 2013. Notified now. 

all large companies to spend 2% of their profit on CSR activities.

Must Read how it affects you : click here

14-16 March 2014 Successful Exhibition at Mumbai 

Finsys Team enjoys a good public footfall, including serious buyers in the market. The  PRINTEX 2014  - Mumbai , was third amongst the series of Trade Shows and Exhibitions in which Finsys was showcased. Corrugation Convertors and Packaging Convertors reviewed the Cutting Edge IT Technologies with LIVE demo at the Finsys stall. 

 12th February 2014

New Order. Sri Perumpudur, near Chennai. Tamil Nadu.  Another Indian owned company with 2 Monocarton and Automatic Corrugation Plants awards Finsys the contract for ERP .

This marks exit of a large UK based MIS software. and Entry of Finsys ERP. Congrats to the Chennai Team.

 22nd February 2014

New Order. Sanand Ahmedabad  One more Ford Tier-1 vendor, decides to go for Finsys ERP.  Specialised ERP for the Auto Component Industry.

Selection process took 17 months. in which 4 international ERP companies were in fray. Buck up !

p.s.  Phase I of this project was LIVE in 16 days flat.

Visit us at Printex 2014 at Mumbai : 14-16 March 2014, Hall no 5, Stall no A-15

for details, click here

Newspaper coverage click here

 2nd March 2014

New Order. a Digital Advertising Company based in Naraina New Delhi.  facing problems due to manual, and excel based systems. Makes Finsys ERP in first 3 modules in just 10 days - stores, invoices and purchases.

Choice was easy. since 4 of its senior staff members were already Finsys users in previous companies.

1st March 2014

New Order. Kundli  Sonepat, Haryana.  a 100% MNC Sheet Metal component manufacturer Launches Finsys ERP at both plants and Head office.

East or West, Finsys is Best

2nd February 2014

New Order. Pondicherry .  16th state added in the list of states in which, Finsys is serving.

A Paper Mill manufacturing Kraft Paper switches to Finsys ERP.

from 14BF, 16BF, 18BF, to 24 BF... now from its PPC to Bill, Accounts to Payroll, being shifted to Finsys. with online Mobile phone operated Finsys approvals.

 25th January 2014

New Order. Coimbatore. Tamil Nadu.  Large 5-ply Automatic Corrugation Plant decides to shift on Finsys ERP from day one.

Factory inauguration expected in Feb 2014. And from the first entry itself, it shall be on a "system" -- the tested Finsys ERP System.

 7th February 2014

Exhibition Finsys Enrols for the Plast India 2015. One of the largest Exhibition of Plastic Industry in this part of the Globe.


20th January 2014     

E- Circular : 

TDS Logic has changed after 5 years
( reverts back to pre-2008 logic )
Calculate TDS on Basic Value Only
Yes it will affect every Business
Effective TDS Rate comes down from 10% on Gross to 8.90% on Gross for professionals, and 1.78% for Contractors. 

want more info ? click here

Please note a very important TDS change.
Earlier if there was a Professional charges bill for Rs 1,00,000, and service tax on that 12.36% = 12360
TDS was deductable on full bill value, basic + service tax = on 112360 x 10% = 11236

This was always against the spirit of the law
Now, thankfully, the Rajasthan High Court has RULED AGAINST the same
And CBDT has humbly agreed to the correct legal position

for CBDT circular click here

20th January 2014

New Order. Kolkatta, Howrah, West Bengal.  Corrugated and Duplex Packaging Plants. says, "I do" to Finsys.

Begin  of a Age for Finsys. Start of the first Packaging ERP implementation in West Bengal.

17th January 2014

New Order. Rudrapur. Uttarakhand. Large Plant decides to shift on Finsys ERP. MOU Signed. 

JMD of the company said, we believe in the "best possible". Evaluated over 12 ERP packages including those from Singapore, Germany and UK. Finally found yours to be "Best in India today". Work starts. All Modules.

4th January 2014     

E- Circular : Want to Donate to a Political Party? Do it by cheque now.
All Limits removed ! New Companies Act, and Income Tax Act sec 80GGB
Service Tax on “LIC” Insurance : Begins now w.e.f. 1.1.2014.
New Land Acquisition Act, comes into Force w.e.f. 1.1.2014
Buying Agricultural Land … to get tougher / and Costlier click here

8th December 2013

New Order. Real Estate Developer,  ( totalling to 400 Residential flats in Noida) , starts  Finsys ERP. Why ? Best value for Money, best features, best support, online multi site work, Strong user Controls. Modules of Purchase, stores, Bill of Material and Planning shortages for under construction projects

1st December 2013

New Order. Bawal : New Plant (Seventh) for this customer. into Sanitary Fittings.  

Mainly non-ferrous. out of brass, and copper alloys.

processes of Castings,  Machining, Assembly. 

14th November 2013

New Order. Noida  (UP)

A very innovative Packaging Company. Duplex FC, Corrugation, Label/sticker printing decides to scrap its "non-successful" S** implementation, and shift to Finsys.

Welcome Abroad. 

Incidently this day, was the Birthday of the FIL Chairman, Mr M L Gupta

24th October 2013

New Order. Gurgaon (Haryana)

Instruments, Speedometers, Fuel Guages, for Commercial Vehicles , both Export and Indian Market. Company was earlier tried  RAM*O for 1 year. After Discarding that, now took a wiser decision towards Finsys ERP.  This was via a reference of 3 other satisfied Finsys clients , known to  MD of this company.

Successful Exhibition at Pragati Maidan,  New Delhi from 17th to 19th Oct 2013

26th October 2013

E- Circular on the TDS on installments being paid to HSIIDC / other builders for the purchase of property.

Click here  

5th November 2013     

Whitefield, Bangalore, 

ERP gets live on the plant after 3 months of proper diligent preparation

6th Sept  2013

New Order. Vasai, Mumbai, Maharashtra plastic moulding company, starts Finsys ERP implementation. Phase 1: Stores, Finance, Sales and Stores.

Phase 2 : Production, PPC, Payroll 

4th Sept  2013

New Order. Chitoor, Andhra Pradesh, Flexible Packaging  company, starts Finsys ERP implementation. Phase 1: Stores, Finance, Sales and Stores.

Phase 2 : Production, PPC, Payroll 

2nd September 2013     

E- Circular 

Do you have Purchase / Sale from any Related companies ? Domestic Transfer Pricing Norms and Returns Form 3CEB.
If amount is more than limits, then be ready to disclose everything to Govt, Else Pay Penalty of 2% of the Transactions. 
section 92BA guidelines for SDT
click here

28th August 2013     

E- Circular

FSIA E-circular- 28 Aug 2013, Forex Crash USD Crosses 68, and Pound 106, BSE sensex below 17600

Reasons behind it, + Advice on Income Tax, Service Tax dates (2nd circular on forex topic in Aug 2013 )

click here

14th August 2013

New Order. Supe Parmer, Maharashtra and Mumbai based 480 Crore plastic moulding company with 4 plants, orders for Finsys ERP. Manufacturer of parts of Washing Machine, TV, Fridge, Coffee Machines, Coolers. Keep it up. (It was earlier on S** )

21st August 2013

E- Circular on the Stock Market Crash, Rupee Crash, Reasons behind it, + Advice on Income Tax, Service Tax dates

click here

Call Centre Number 

(our new preferred mode),  

Timings : 9.00am to 6.00pm

9015-220-220 ( 10 lines )
Extensions : Dial (1) Technical Support; (2) Sales ; (3) Accounts ; (4) Escalation Matrix
E-mail : callcentre[at] 

20th August 2013

Writeup released for the New Companies Act 2013


10th August 2013

Finsys for Oracle 12c.

New Technology, New Frontiers, New knowledge, new convenience.


9th October 2013

Writeup released for the New Companies Act 2013

1st - 2nd August 2013

Finsys Roadshows at Kaleamb. More Packaging Plants show inclination for Finsys ERP. ... upcoming Industry Standard.

25th July 2013

New Plant ( Plant III ) of a Pump Manufacturer, adopts Finsys ERP.

First two plants are connected on Radio Frequency Tower, and this one via the Internet. Gaziabad Industrial Area. UP

15th July  2013

Another Italian Manufacturer at Pune, goes LIVE on PPC module

PPC is the toughest to implement. Factors are both Human, and depth of variations. Finally Successful. 

New Order : 10th June 2013 : 

Extension of Order - A reknowned Manufacturer of Printing and Packaging Machines Using Finsys since 2007. Orders 8 new modules from Finsys, which it had not opted earlier. with new enhanced Planning, Task Management, Export Documentation and PPC modules

21 June 2013 E Circular : TDS on Purchase of Property Section 194IA.  1% on TDS each time you pay for purchase of property over Rs 50 lakhs. Read  E-Circular 


All 6 new Clients who started Finsys in their Plants  goes live at Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. 

All 3 new Clients who started Finsys in their Plants  goes live at Vapi, Gujarat


21 May 2013 E Circular : (Special 30% Bonus ( Additional Deduction ) for employing more “Blue Collar Workers” in your Factory (Section 80JJAA)  Read  E-Circular. 

5 New Plants in Chandigarh, Baddi, Nalagarh, go LIVE on Finsys


our 6th Client who shifted from S** to Finsys, Goes successfully LIVE for the first 4 pillars of ERP- Sales, Purchase, Stores, Finance

Now starts the tough part PPC Modules

New Order : 23rd May 2013 : 

Extension of Order - A Manufacturer of Printing Machines & Packaging Machines. Using Finsys since 2006. Orders 4 modules from Finsys, which it had not opted earlier. HR, PPC, Export Documentation and Maintenance

New Order : 23rd Apr 2013 : 

Extension of Order - A Italian Manufacturer Using Finsys since 2008. Orders 3 new modules from Finsys, which it had not opted earlier. with new enchanced PPC modules

New Order : 17th Apr 2013 : 

New Order - Indore + Haridwar + Gurgaon. Manufacturer of PPR Pipes, PVC Fittings, Water Tanks opts for Finsys ERP with all modules. It is a big project.

New Order : 3rd Apr 2013 : 

New Order - Greater Noida based Manufacturer of Copper Alloy Coins. They are in the business of coin blanks, coins, coinage material, and Copper alloys rolled-products & components, for Indian, East Asian, African and South American Markets.

New Order : 9th Apr 2013 

India's largest Manufacturer of Aerosol based perfumes, Shampoos, Creams, Gels, and Deodorants. Places order on Finsys. all Modules, for Mumbai and MP Plants. 

click for Circular on Budget 2013

New Order : 28th Feb 2013 : 

New Client *** 

 Machined Components Manufacturer having over 25 CNC  and 5 VMC centres at Palwal awards Finsys the order for ERP Systems. Congratulations !!!!

New Order : 14th March 2013 :

Automobile Casting Components Manufacturer at Gaziabad /  Bulandshar Road Industrial Area, shifts to Finsys. The Group already had 2 plants running on Finsys. 

Congratulations !!!!

New Order : 28th March 2013 

DG Set ( Generator Manufacturer GOEM) in Greater Noida, places order for Finsys ERP. in house facilities for CNC Cutting, CNC Bending and a fully automated powder coating section

Congratulations !!!!

New Order : 17th Jan 2013 :  Another Readymade Food Products manufacturer joins Finsys Users Club. Order Placed for implementation of Finsys ERP at all 5 plants. The company makes, Breads, They are one of the top manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products. they offer a bakery products such as Bread, Fruit Bread, cakes, Biscuits, Rusks and cookies. Our company is an ISO 9001:2000, HACCP and BIS certified 

E Circular :

OPC - the One Person Companies -- could be a reality in India soon, with the Companies Bill 2012 being passed by Lok Sabha - for details click here


New Order : 22th Feb 2013 : 

New Client *** 

 Plastic Moulded Component Manufacturer

2 Plants at Jhajjar and Gurgaon 

New Order : 26th Feb 2013 : 

New Client *** 

 Manufacturer of Transformers, Rectifiers with Plant in Faridabad starts Finsys ERP Implementation

E Circular on the Compulsory Rotation of Auditors

click here

Finsys specialised ERP for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry.

Depot and C & F management Software for Pharma also available

New Order : 15th Jan 2013 :  A Corrugation Factory at Greater Noida, with fully automatic Plant for Corrugation - places order on Finsys for its Special Corrugation ERP Software, all Modules from Production, PPC, Stores, Purchase to Finance and Billing.  New Order : 12th Jan 2013 :  A Duplex Folded Cartons Factory at IMT Manesar, with fully Automatic Plant.

They placed order on Finsys for its Special Duplex Folded Cartons ERP Software, all Modules from Production, PPC, Stores, Purchase to Finance and Billing. 

E Circular :

ROC Form 18 Address Proof, verification by a CA / CS that your registered office is "Genuine" and not "Fake" for full circular click here

* SaaS ERP are available in market  and being marketed well. but it suitable for you"  -- White paper from Finsys Team.

click here

23rd Nov 2012: 

Silvassa, Daman and Vapi based manufacturer of Corrugated Boxes goes LIVE on Finsys. 


They saw Finsys Stall in an Exhibition, and later heard about Finsys as a specialist ERP for packaging and printing industry. Hence the Order.

2nd December 2012: 

Delhi Based HO of a 3 Plant Paint Manufacturing company completes the rollout of the "Pre-Sales" Module, along with online NPDR ( New Product Development Requests, ) their online approvals and denails and so on. This software is also Mobile Based ( works great on I-pads, Blackberries, and Samsung Tabs )

5th December 2012: 

Baddi based Manufacturer of Lami-Tubes goes live on Finsys ERP.



Tubes for Food and Pharma Industry.


Our 3rd Client with in this Industry.

4th Oct 2012: 

Jaipur based manufacturer of Plastic Moulding Components places order on Finsys. First 4 modules start working.  


8th Oct 2012: 

Faridabad + Roorkee  based manufacturer of Cosmetics, Colours, Henna, starts live Operations in Finsys ERP  They Needed a reliable Multi-site ERP of the cosmetics production line. CEO later remarked that, they took demo from 5 ERP providers. And Finsys was the best.


18th October 2012 Finsys at 5th client at Kaleamb, Himachal Pradesh. The company supplies Corrugated Boxes for various industries and product range such as Food container products, Beverage containers, Textile industries, Silk and Fabric Industries, Perfumes, Cookers, Air Conditioners etc…Now with existing success of Finsys ERP at 4 other clients in Kaleamb, this client wants Finsys to implement the same at their plant. 

22nd October 2012 :  

PUNE - CHAKAN - Finsys LIVE status for 3 modules - Marketing and Invoicing, Materials-inwards, and outwards, and Purchase Orders . For time being Accounts is now Parallel. Big Effort, This was a 300 Crore Company.  Congrats  to the Team-Pune, incharge of this project.

18th November 2012 :  Gurgaon Finsys  Clutch Plate Manufacturer. Took up Finsys Implementation 3 months ago. Now post Diwali, LIVE status for 3 modules - Marketing and Invoicing, Materials-inwards, and outwards, and Purchase Orders . Accounts also only in Finsys  Congrats  to the Team-Gurgaon, incharge of this project. 


Finsys Yearbook 2012

24 pages, excellent info 


News about Mr Sangeet Gupta achieving First Rank in India in DISA.

click here

1st October 2012 : E - circular : Service Tax on Reverse Charge basis- Advocates, Manpower services, etc --  click to see the full ecircular 

11th Sept 2012: 

Gujarat based manufacturer of Starter Motors, Alternators, Dynamo's, and Armatures etc had placed order on Finsys. First 4 modules start working.  


15th Sept 2012: 

Aurangabad, Maharashtra based company makes the HR Module Live on Finsys. 3 plants. Good work Arvind and Virender.


7th August2012: E - circular : Service Tax on Receipt Basis for small service providers (non corporate) . click to see the full ecircular 

26th Sept 2012: 

Jaipur division of an Axle manufacturer - goes live. Already 6 plants were LIVE on finsys. This is their first C & F Depot


3rd October 2012: 

Book and Stationery Manufacturer in Gaziabad, takes decision to go for Finsys  Industrial Area. Happy news was that PPC , the most typical module -- showed best jest in this initiave.

23rd July 2012: A Rs 250 crore Pharmaceutical company selects Finsys for its All India Distributors chain. This web based application is hosted from their Gurgaon Head office servers. 12 Distributors start logging in, maintaning their Inventory, Sales Order Book, Invoicing and so on. Proper  control of Batch numbers, Expiry dates, and various alerts have been made a part of the special customised Software.

2nd August 2012: 

Additional Order from a Satisfied SME unit with presence in China, India and USA. After implementation of Production, PPC, Finance, Invoicing, Purchase and Stores modules at this client. Now Finsys bags the order for the HR Module and Payroll Connected modules. Congrats Finsys !!  

29th July 2012: E - circular : Tax Audit Limit increased to Rs 1 crores p.a. see more. Professional to Rs 25 lakhs. TDS deduction compulsory limits also increased.. know more 

12th August 2012: 

Rudrapur,( Udham Singh Nagar), Uttarakhand  - another plant gets LIVE on Finsys.  Sheet Metal Components.   

21st August 2012: 

ERP for Construction Industy, implementation phase 2 starts at this Chandigarh based client. With LIVE connectivity with its sites in Mohali, Karnal, and Gurgaon. Monitoring of the Inventory at site for Everything from Cement Bags, Sanitary fittings, Electricals etc   

10th April 2012: Another plant at Dudhola Road, Palwal gives Live on Finsys ERP. This plant is a 40 year old company. And they were working on ERP since 1999. Now the 4th new plant goes LIVE. They manufacture sheet metal components in this new plant as Tier 1 vendor to two wheeler companies.

19th May 2012: One more Corrugated box manufacturer based near Chandigarh gives order to Finsys to help make them systematic. 

21st May 2012: Manual for the Vendor bill passing in case of partially Quality rejection

Rejection Bill passing. Pass the bill fully, and then, block the bill for any payment, he has to take away the material on a Purchase return invoice first. 

click here

2nd June 2012: Another Manufacturer of EOT Cranes, Hoists, Gantry, Jib Cranes, LT Rails, Single Girder, Double Girder signs conract with Finsys for ERP Implementation. The feature of the ERP with recording WIP of each part of the Crane was best liked by the MD of this company. He said nowhere he found Turning, Teeth Cutting, Heat Treatment, Slotting, Hobbing, Milling processes being recorded LIVE.

8th April 2012: E - circular : Cheques Validity is now 6 months only

click to see the full ecircular 


21st Feb 2012 : Finsys ERP Bags Contract from a Noida Based manufacturer of Web Offset Machines. These printing machines are meant for Newspaper houses, Commercial Printing, and book publishers.

reference came from an existing customer in Printing machine manufacturing in Faridabad


25th Feb 2012 : Wire Harnesses manufacturer based in Rudrapur orders its ERP from Finsys. The company has 3 plants in India.


click here for Detailed Budget Analysis

click here  for E-circular

2nd March 2012 : 6th customer in Rudrapur City. !! A sheet metal auto component company in Rudrapur shifts to Finsys ERP. The company supplies Sheet Metal components to Delphi, Tata Group, Bajaj Auto. Endurance, and other auto Tier 1,2 vendors in Rudrapur Region.


26th March 2012 : New 19 Plants going Live on Finsys w.e.f. 1.4.2012. 

15 have given their OK Report for the reasonable state of preparedness. 

balance in progress

8th - 12th Feb 2012 : Dubai, we are here. Finsys Team led by Puneet Gupta ji, gives 14 sessions of trainings to the customer at Zebel Ali Free Trade Zone ( FTZ )


Congrats, Finsys in Middle-east 

for details of the project 

click here

1st Feb 2012 : Finsys ERP Implementation phase 2 gets underway at a Forging company based at Pithampur(near indore). Both Plants start the Purchase, Stores operations simultaneously


click for details

2nd Feb 2012 : Testing Equipment Manufacturer Corporate based in Gurgaon chooses Finsys. Launch done. Masters done. people working from 11 am to 8pm everyday, ... this is called war-footing.

MD said, to his team during the launch event, we did quite a lot of due diligence about the Finsys team. Their customers are happy. The ERP is quite user friendly, and of course...very suitable for manufacture of complex machines.

19th Jan 2012 : First 3 processes - PO, MRR, and Accounts become LIVE at new customer. This Gurgaon based company makes Fully Automatic High Speed Multi Track PLC controlled Packaging Machines for 
Biscuits, Toothpaste, Washing powder, noodles, Shampoos, &  Pouch-in-Pouch technology.

21st Jan 2012 : New Customer - Phase 3 starts - Accounts, Purchase, Stores fully Live at HO, Now shifted server to Bhiwadi Plant. They are a manufacturer of Artificial leather ( coated textiles) for automotive industry. The customers include the bags and upholstery industry etc. Tier II / tier III vendor to HMSI, HSCI, MSIL, Hero Motocorp. 

click image for related PPT 

23rd Jan 2012 : Hi Finsys users club. Another manufacturer of Rubber and Plastic Master Batches, (Gurgaon) , becomes LIVE on Finsys. PO Live, Invoices Live, Finance Live, Stores Live. Payroll Live. PPC module work started.

Co, makes compounds for Automobile parts, Wires, Cables, Colour Compounds made to order. 


27th Jan 2012 : Another Plastic Moulding parts manufacturer starts Finsys ERP Implementation. They make MCB, Control Panel Parts, Electrical & Electronic Assembly Parts, Portable Weighing Scales Parts and so on. MD said, "..when so many plastic companies are working on Finsys, There is obviously something in this which suits us !!....." 


11th Jan 2012 : A Large manufacturer vendor to JCB, Terex Vectra, PTL, Escorts starts Phase 2 of the Finsys ERP implementation. in phase-1, (21-Nov-11 to 10-Jan 12), the Masters were made ready, and Past data for April to Dec 2011 was duly entered and reconciled. Successful. Now the phase 2, trainings have started. Congrats. It was a big Team work indeed..

Tier I Vendor

11th Jan 2012 
Systems Audit completed for a Disk Brake Back Plates manufacturing Company in Noida. Reports included areas of  Turn Around Time ( TAT), Item Below Minimum Level,  minimum and maximum level not defined for most of the items, MRR pending in accounts,Non moving items,Debtors with Credit balances, Creditors with Debit balances, Identification tags and Physical Stock audit.

Report submitted and discussed with Board of Directors. Work Appreciated. Congrats to all team members. 

6th Jan 2012 : Happy New 2012, rung in the inauguration of the Finsys ERP at this plant in Sonepat, Haryana. The company makes auto components out of steel alloy using a path breaking "Sintering Technology". They make parts of Shock Absorbers, Bushes, Bearings, Refrigerator parts.

The reference was via a satisfied customer in Faridabad 


19th Dec 2011 : our Company Finsys was awarded ERP software Contract by a mid-size Tractor and Heavy Machinery / Equipment Manufacturing Company in NCR Delhi. Congrats to the Finsys Team.

click here for Facebook news of the same.

9th Jan 2012 
System Audit completed for a Large Medicine Company in New Delhi. the company is one of the largest Medicine manufacturing Plants in North India. Reports included areas of Pending Purchase Orders, Negative Stock, PO pending for Approval, PR pending for Approval, Turn Around Time ( TAT), Item Below Minimum Level, Item above maximum level and Identification tags.

Report submitted and discussed with Board of Directors. Work Appreciated. Congrats to all team members. 

16th Nov 2011 : "SaaS ERP are available in market  and being marketed well. but it suitable for you"  -- White paper from Finsys Team.

click here

Novell Thin Clients

7th Jan 2012 
System Audit completed for a Large Forging Company in Noida. the company is one of the largest Gear manufacturing Plants in North India. Reports included areas of Pending Purchase Orders, Negative Stock, PO pending for Approval, PR pending for Approval, Non-moving Items, Turn Around Time (TAT), and Identification tags.

Loves to work on Thin Clients

<< click for official Advert of Redington for LG >>


Finsys for Corrugation, Printing, and Packaging Industry

22nd Aug 2011 : Finsys releases new Manual in Finance Module.

It shows how to automation of "Job Worker bill passing". It links the MRR with Job Worker PO, auto passed into Accounts. (TDS is also automatic).

Click here, for details

18th Aug 2011 : Apple and Ipad lovers love the Finsys application on IPAD.

click for details

12th Aug 2011 : Finsys Manual on "How the Maintenance People get an alert of a machine that is under breakdown." released

click here 

Finsys recommends

Thin clients pioneers




click for Ncomputing


LG Thin Clients

25th July 2011 : Our Director Ms Mayuri was a celebrity guest at a Radio Talk show "We". Aired live on the 107.8 FM.

It featured her suggestions to the women entrepreneurs on how to handle the business responsibilities, along with family responsibilities.

22th July 2011 : Finsys team in association with FSIA, released the 80th e-circular.

it includes, features, like TDS Certificates To be online only, from Govt website. Exemption from filing I-T return for persons with income up to Rs 5 lakh For small salaried Individuals  New Income Tax form : Sugam For small Businessmen (presumptive), New Income Tax form : “Sahaj”, and the similarites with Form 1040A used for ITR in the USA.

for E-circular view/download  click here .

15th July 2011 : Finsys wins another order from a company based in Jaipur. 

The company manufactures IV Cannula, 3 way stop cock, Catheters, Umbical cord clamps, blood bags, urine bags, and other medical disposables.

This is our 9th customer in Rajasthan. Congratulations to Finsys users club.

10th July 2011 : Finsys successfully starts the Maruti E-Nagare billing. This is the 10th Maruti's Tier-1 vendor, being made online on this module by Finsys Team.

The good thing is that this enables automatic invoicing based on the E-nagare. You can even make invoice for 50 kanban cards in 30 seconds.

click here for demo upload file

for Manual click here .

8th July 2011 : Finsys Roadshow at Ahmedabad. The Finsys Team presented its software technology to a team of CIO, and CFO's from 5 companies in the Ahmedabad Area.

The core idea was to evaluate the functionalities of the Finsys Security Gate Management Software - how is the Vehicles in-out controlled, How is the visitor entry authorised.

how the gate knows what is coming in the factory today, and the various RGP, NRGP controls.

27th June 2011 : Finsys releases its new Material Requirement Planning and PPC Menu Screen

click here for details

14th June 2011 : Finsys is awarded ERP contract by another South Korean JV company. It was thanks to good pre-customised Industry specific ERP technology available for Injection moulding and Plastic Moulding PPC management in the ERP. Congratulations to Team Finsys. 

10th June 2011 : Another Radio Talk Show. Our mentors Mr M L Gupta and Mr Sangeet Gupta were invited as technical experts. Live programme for public queries and education.


click here for recorded version

9th June 2011 : Finsys signs deal with Regus India Pvt Ltd for the operationalisation of its new Corporate office premises at Jasola District Complex, New Delhi

Congratulations to Team Finsys. click to get a view of the new premises

7th June 2011 : A new screen with Flow chart of the PPC activities at a plastic moulding company, released. Commercially put to use by two large customers. click here

1st June 2011 : Another company goes LIVE on Finsys. This new FY 2011-12 acquisition, is a Noida Based Automotive Sealing Systems include Door Weatherstrips, Inner and Outer Beltstrips, Secondary Seals, Quarter Window Weatherstrips, Decklid Seals, Roof Rail weatherstrip, Glass Run weatherstrips, windshield Mouldings, Hood-to-cowl weatherstrips. They also make ultra low specific gravity with smooth finish for HVAC and car airconditioning applications, flame resistant EPDM profiles for railway, high TS-high EB specs. and similar other challenging parameters.

Congrats Puneet ji, Sanjay ji and the whole Team.

click to expand. 

12th May 2011 : Fully integrated Digitised Printing Press with 100000 sq ft, production facility at Naraina(New Delhi), decides in favour of Finsys ERP.

This is a mid-size 50 year old DAVP, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting recognised Category A printing house. Has own depts for Creatives, pre-press, digitised printing, binding, fabrication solutions, to despatch and logistics. Needed a well established ERP of the printing and packaging line. CEO later remarked that, they took demo from 9 ERP providers. And Finsys was the best.


1st June 2011 : New Finsys Powerpoint presentation is uploaded on the website.

idea and inputs came from a finsys client at Kosi Kalan, Mathura

click here

8th May 2011 : 200 Cr White Goods manufacturer starts phase 2 of the Finsys ERP implementation. 
The company makes its own brand of » LCD/Plasma TV, Color Television, Washing Machines, 
Mobile Phones, Water Dispensers / RO, Microwave Ovens, Home Theater, DVD Players and Air Conditioners.
The Three Plants in NCR Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon being done in Phase 1 and Haridwar in Phase 2

1st May 2011 & again on 25th May 2011 : It was a great pleasure that, the popular NCR Delhi based Radio FM Channel invited Sangeet Gupta, our Director as Guest Speaker on the live radio Shows.

Listeners sms'ed and called in with queries on various topics on Taxation, Accounts, Finance and Information Technology.

ex. How to value Closing stock, how to monitor bank positions. click here to listen to the programme

5th April 2011 : NCR Delhi based Radio FM Channel invites Sangeet Gupta, our Director as Guest Speaker on the live radio Show.

Listeners sms'ed and called in with queries on various topics on Taxation, Accounts, Finance and Information Technology.

click here to listen to the programme





22nd April 2011 : Manesar based Export Packaging house, selects Finsys. Congrats to Finsys users club. This company makes Inserts, Tags, Wraparound Bands, Labels, Stickers, Thermal Printed Bar Code Stickers and Fabric Labels, Heat Seal and Zipper Vinyl Bags, Hangers, Acetate and Hard Board Boxes, Cartons, PDQ Boxes and Garment Accessories, etc.
They supply to Marks & Spencer, Target, Pottery Barn, Federated, Whites of London, Kmart, Sainsbury, The White Co., Dillards, William E Sonama, Wall Mart and many leading exporters from India.

15th April 2011 : Leading Maruti Suzuki Tier 1 vendor selects and starts Finsys ERP implementation. Makes Stampings,Assemblies, Roll Forming items, heavy and light Fabrication items. This company has units in Faridabad and Palwal. 

According to the Selection  committee, important reasons for selection of Finsys were (a) Finsys ERP working for many Maruti Vendors, (b) Low Cost (c) Easy Pymt Plan (d) Finsys ERP based in NCR Delhi.


Union Budget 2011. For the Fourth Consecutive Time in the history of Faridabad, we had an Instant and LIVE Budget Analysis, with a panel of Experts

for E-circular (and summary) = click here

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Finsys ERP software 

at Prithla Industrial Zone, Palwal 


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27th January 2011 : A Mid-size White Goods Manufacturer based in Gurgaon, South Haryana, selects the special ERP for its range of coolers, ceiling fans, washing machines, water heaters, room heaters, irons, versa cooler, slim line cooler, Long coolers, and chillers. Own brand and also 3rd party. Congrats Finsys. 

7th February 2011 : Finsys and FSIA together release the E-circular on TDS Salaries, Tax rates for AY 2011-12. Deduction u/s. 80C. Notes for HRA exemption, Interest on house Loans, Rent to Wife/husband/father. Infrastructure Bonds

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Advt on HR Module of ERP 

6th February 2011 : Which cases are to be assessed by ACIT / DCIT instead of first level Assessing officer.

Limits have been increased 200% to 300%.

Now, a Delhi based "company", will be with a ITO level till an income of Rs 30 lakhs. click here

19th January 2011 : Finsys and FSIA together release the E-circular on the rise and rise of MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax)

MAT is now, 18 percent + cess.

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also featuring, "Who have to pay MAT ? ", What about the Direct Tax Code ?", "What is the MAT in USA ?", "Will there be MAT on non-companies also in india, like in USA ? " with Graphs and Charts.and links to Wikipedia 

8th Jan 2011 : Meetings with a group based at Dubai, UAE. Possibility of association discussed.

18th Jan 2011 : MLG team bags the order for creation of a SPV for launch of a Air Taxi service company in india. 

Proud to be a channel partner of


15th January 2011 : Another Lubricant Pump manufacturer in DLF Industrial Area, Faridabad orders its ERP from Finsys. Like other pump clients, they also work for Sugar, Oil and Automotive industry. Finsys is proud to serve with ERP for so many pump manufacturers


Baddi division Webpage


Mr S K Gupta  on Bloomberg UTV interview

10th January 2011 : Ever been to a nice decorated Mall, any top notch showroom of Reliance, Samsung, Sony, Tata Croma, and many of these Mega Marts and Super stores. Chances are that they are using Display racks, made by a Finsys client. They today awarded the contract to Finsys and the reason - 'The old "so called big brand ERP" was a waste of money. and so impractical'. . This company with factories in Gurgaon and Okhla , makes, Shop Fitting, Metal Display Racks, Retail Display Fixtures & Racking Solutions. They also make Fuel Dispensing units(at petrol pumps), and DG genset canopies etc.


A Display Shelf 


3rd January 2011 : Happy New Year. A specialized Manufacturing unit based in Bulandshahar Road Industrial Area, Gaziabad awards ERP order to Finsys and MLG team. This ISO 9001 company manufacture Mechanical Seals for Pumps, Compressors, Agitators, Mixers, Reactors, Dyeing Machines and all other equipments having rotating shafts. Its customers are in Chemicals, Fertilizers, Textile Processing Plants, Petrochemicals, Solvent Extraction Plants, Oil Refineries, Sugar Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Distilleries, Breweries and Beverages etc.


Teflon Bellow Seal

5th January 2011 : Another Pharmaceutical manufacturer in Uttarakhand orders its ERP from Finsys.  This is a manufacturer & has a All-India own Brand + Third Party Branded production of pharmaceuticals, Medicated Soaps, Sun Screen Lotions, Prednisolone, Griesofulvin, Chlorpromazine, Lorazepam Resperidone, Carbamazepine Calcium D Panthanate, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, & Medications.


Pharmaceutical Industry is booming in India. We are a part of its IT backbone

30th December 2010: A large Corporate, planning its IPO in 2011-12, awards Finsys team with comprehensive ERP order. The  Company has Ten factories, including Forging , Casting and Machining Plants at Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttaranchal. And specializes in manufacture of Finished Gears, Axles, Shafts and other components for automotive and engineering applications. Congrats to all. 

Gear Manufacturing Industry

24th December 2010 : Finsys MLG team celebrates the Annual Corporate Get Together at Gymkhana Club. Fun, Frolic, Games, Tambola, interaction with the new Team members and followed by Dinner.

Everybody enjoyed.

The new team members remarked, "we never knew it would be so informal and cool".

5th December 2010: Finsys makes another Financial Contribution to the WikipediaSupport WikipediaWikipedia is the world's largest online encyclopedia. Today almost everybody takes some knowledge from Wikipedia. Come let us return the favour click for details 

Some New controls in PPC Printing industry

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4th December 2010 : Finsys Bags order ERP order from a client based in Vapi, Maharashtra and Baddi, Solan(HP). The client is into Packaging for the Pharma and Medical industry.

2nd December 2010 : Inauguration of the ERP process at a new client at Prithla, Palwal. This packaging company manufactures, CARTONS , BOXES, PACKAGING, Pizza Boxes etc

Finsys recommends

Thin Clients


80% reduction in electricity

50% reduction in Hardware cost.

Software and ERP loading not required. (automatic)

1st December 2010: Finsys kick starts the ERP implementation at a Gaziabad based Pump manufacturer. This Limited company's customers are in Sugar, Pulp & Paper , General water supply , Mines, Power , Defence, Railways , Hotels, Hospitals and so on. Result of first 30 days = Invoices-Live, Stores-Live, Purchases-Live. 

28th November 2010 : New E-circular released by MLG team on ROC – Late Fee ( Penalty) increased. Pay 1000% of Normal fee if delay by “90 days”
ROC - starts the SMS Alerts facility, Income Tax Advance Tax --> Next due date is 15-Dec-2010
Income Tax Collections – What are others paying ?
Bank CC Account --> Were you charged the right “Interest” ? Did you check the calculations ?click here

27th November 2010 : Signing ceremony for MOU between a large packaging company and Finsys Team for the ERP implementations. The order was finalised by the customer after a tough PPAP by the competent team of its own largest customer.

23th November 2010 : New Exports Benefits module launched at a large EOU company. covers the Benefit  Accrual,  Application and receipt / utilisation.

Includes Duty Drawback, Focus Country, Focus Product, Advance Licences, and DEPB. Target date fully met by Finsys development team.

14th November 2010 : Finsys wins the coveted order for ERP implementation at another Printing Press. The focus of this company has in-house colour separations, electronic prepress, printing, binding and finishing. Main plant uses Heidelberg presses exclusively for litho projects. specialize in advertising collateral, fine art printing, labels and packaging, publications, direct marketing, stationery, fulfillment services and corporate communications. 

12th November 2010 : New Development -- The Production Dashboard, for the clients with advanced PPC modules. you can see the day wise, plant wise OEE and rejection % trends.

you can also double click to see the machine wise downtimes and , even product wise rejections.

Interested ? click here

7th November 2010 : Finsys releases the new Finsys Manuals for Auto Component Industry Released version 2010-- including Inventory management, Gate, Quality, OSP Fully integrated with accounting software click here  ( Got over 50 manuals / PDF / links inside )~

31th October 2010 :Song Dedicated to Mayuri Madam, our Co Director on her Birthday, Kaseriya balam .. padharo mhare desh. Mrs Mayuri is a part of the Software Development Team currently working on the ASP platform. Recent launches of the web based ERP thank her for her services. click here

17th October 2010 : Finsys releases the new Finsys Manuals for Auto Component Industry Released version 2010-- including Inventory management, Gate, Quality, OSP Fully integrated with accounting software click here  ( Got over 50 manuals / PDF / links inside 

a snapshot from Common Wealth Games 2010 - A success. click here to see more pictures. for Video of CWG closing ceremony click here

10th October 2010 : Finsys celebrated the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi. The whole Finsys team enjoyed the picnic + Hockey Matches at famous Dhyan Chand National Stadium

It was a good joint outing of the large Finsys Family. 16 members attended. A special "Finsys" flex Banner was also prepared and used. "It was fun" said the team members.

9th October 2010 Finsys is awarded ERP contract for a large Packaging company in Solan, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. The company has a large in-house team of graphic designers, and print technologists. They offer their customers packing material viz mono cartons, corrugation boxes, self adhesive labels, pet bottles, foil printing, corporate brochures, books or annual reports, promotional mailers, danglers, posters, telephone directories, lami tubes, flexible packaging or phone card solutions ...And now powered by Finsys ERP, they will develop it for you faster and better.


8th October 2010 Finsys at Kaleamb, Himachal Pradesh. The company supplies Paper Cores and Tubes for various industries and product range such as Food container products, Beverage containers, Textile industries, Silk and Fabric Industries, Agarbatti industries, Perfumes, Explosives, Fax Rolls, Toilet Rolls etc…Now with existing success of Finsys ERP at 3 other clients in Kaleamb, this client wants Finsys to implement the same at their plant. Good Luck to the Team-5, incharge of this project. 


New Software development - for Project Industry -- a brand new module for the Finsys Clients with Engineering Projects sites in Africa, South East Asia, and various locations in India. 

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4 box chart

Which project, which activity, at what stage

shown in Red / Yellow/ Green Colors

 Must see. click here 


30th Aug 2010 : Finsys is awarded the contract for ERP - selected modules by a Castings company in NCR Delhi. The company is an ISO / TS–16949: 2002 Certified Company and one of the largest manufacturers of Aluminium & Zinc Alloys, Die Cast Components in India and first in Northern India to install - Direct Reading Emission SPECTROMETER LAB model to ensure in-built quality products. Group has already achieved a 250 crores ( $52 Million ) turnover.

28th Aug 2010 : Finsys cuts a deal with Redington, Apple-Macintosh Division. for the supply of Apple notebooks to a client in New Delhi. Now, this is a deal with the innovative division after the success in signing commercial transactions for products of Acer, IBM, and Oracle. Happy to note that discusions are underway for our customer requirements for N-Computing, LG and Microsoft products too.

Automatic invoices

Just upload a E-nagare Text File , from Maruti Suzuki India Limited into Finsys. 

and here you are --- your Invoices for all your items are ready.

Just print them.

(( a unique Finsys ERP module. ))

* contact us for demo

20th Aug 2010 : Finsys ERP, version 2010, becomes live at a new client. The company is engaged in OEM supplies of pressed CRC ERW CWD tubular components & medium heavy fabrication in India. They are strongly represented in the Thermal Power, Oil Pipelines & Gas Pipelines and Now Nuclear Power PlantsOil. They were on Finsys-2004 model since last 6 years. The upgrade took 3 months,  finally made live today.

New Manuals for Auto components released

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These above are some of the special developments for the Auto Component industry. They are also applicable and useful for the companies into other  manufacturing . 

Proud to be a channel partner of

Accounting Software:  Fully integrated accounting software including debtors, creditors, general ledger, Fixed assets Module including photograph and payroll. Versatile and easy to use.... Generates Excise Returns, RG-1, RG-23A-II, ER-1, Service Tax functionalities too.


Manufacturing: Bills of materials, job costing, advanced production planning and scheduling, capacity planning, Kanban. Fully integrated with total ERP solution...for Casting industry, Sheet Metal components, Turned Components, Wire Harnesses, Assembly, CNC, VMC,  Printing Industry, ERP for Forging,

Marketing and Distribution : Sales order processing, Inventory management, purchasing and much more. Fully integrated with accounting software modules, a complete SCM and CRM solution ...

Product / Machinery Service Management : Complete history to Complaints / service Cards, and performance. Warranty, contract and technician profitability tLearn More About Finsys ERP Software - Accounting

Advertising & Sales Promotion company ERP : Events, Schemes, Coupons, Scratch Cards, Exhibitions-- Manage your Production, Purchase, Sales, billing, Finance, Tax, Payroll, HR along with the niches of your industry . Of course, "user friendly" ...
Learn More About Finsys ERP Software - Accounting

News 5th May, 2010  

A Large ERW Steel Tube Company in NCR Delhi awards its coveted ERP order to Finsys team- This large Company chose Finsys after around 12 months of analysis of 8 competing ERP packages. Finsys was finally adjudged the Best combination of Quality, Appropriateness and Cost. 

News 2nd May, 2010 Fixed Assets Management Module

new version released. ( used for control on the Fixed assets, like machinery, computers, tools etc) . Module includes the Photograph of the asset, Automatic Depreciation calculations as per Companies Act. Automatic "Loss on Sale/Profit on Sale" calculations. Fixed Asset Register, Fixed Asset Schedule, Asset location etc. 

News: 28th April 2010 Rejection Reporting - New Module for Auto Industry: 

Seven NEW Reports, MRIR (Material Inward Inspection), IPQC( in process Quality Control), PDIR ( Pre Despatch Inspection Report),  31 day rejection chart, PPM Reports, COPQ - Cost of Poor Quality, Location of Rejection material, Debit Note to the vendor, with Payment *blocked*, till line rejections are cleared.... Great for Casting, Sheet Metal, Turned, Machining, Auto component Industry, 

27th April 2010 : Plastic Moulding Industry

Machine Down Time Automatic analysis reports for the downtime of different Machines, reasons like Mould/Die Change, No Plan, No Material, No Manpower, Machine under Maintenance, Accidental Damage, Setting problem, Material sticking.

6.4.2010: Finsys Live at RAGA : Thanks to good dedication and involvement of the Managing Director Mr Rahat Bhatia, the Mid size RE has also become LIVE on Finsys ERP. Things live include Sales order processing, Inventory management, purchasing and Payroll. Fully integrated with accounting software , auto Emails and Auto SMS 

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