E-Way Bill in Finsys

The Government of India has recently come up with E-way bill under GST system, which will be rolled out from February 1. Just about 2 days left to begin.

This is going to be another important change over for all of you because each invoice having a value of more than 50000 rupees will have to carry E-way bill number.This is compulsory and non compliance will lead to penalties and impounding of the vehicle.

Consequences of non-conformance to E-way bill rules

If e-way bills, wherever required, are not issued in accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 138 of the CGST Rules, 2017, the same will be considered as contravention of rules. As per Section 122 of the CGST Act, 2017, a taxable person who transports any taxable goods without the cover of specified documents (e-way bill is one of the specified documents) shall be liable to a penalty of Rs.10,000/- or tax sought to be evaded (wherever applicable) whichever is greater. As per Section 129 of CGST Act, 2017, where any person transports any goods or stores any goods while they are in transit in contravention of the provisions of this Act or the rules made there under, all such goods and conveyance used as a means of transport for carrying the said goods and documents relating to such goods and conveyance shall be liable to detention or seizure.

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Some Important Facts about e-Way Bill:-

  • It is required for all the goods value more than Rs. 50000/-
  • No e-Way bill for the distance of 10 km from Supplier to Transporter or Transporter to Supplier within the state
  • No e-Way bill if transported non-motorized vehicles
  • E-Way Bill contains following two Parts:-
                  Part A contains details of GSTIN of Recipient, place of delivery,Invoice/DC No. , Invoice/DC date, Value of Goods, HSN Code and Transporter Document no.
                 Part B contains details of Vehicle no
  • Validity of e-Way Bill:- 1 day for first 100 kms and for every additional 100 km or less additional 1 day from the date of its generation
  • e-Way is generally known as EWB-01, consolidated bill is known as EWB-02
  • The details in e-Way bill will be automatically populated In GSTR 1
  • The details of e-Way bill will be communicated to the recipient, who should give an acceptance online
  • It is compulsory for inter-state movement from Feb 1st,2018 and will be compulsory for all intrastate movement from June 1st ,2018

Following is the procedure to generate the Invoice with e-Way Bill no. on it:-


Through Finsys-Webtel Option:-

Our special tie up with WEBTEL GST software makes it possible for you to generate the E-way bill number while remaining within the invoicing software.

Following are the steps to be followed:-

  1. The data will be mapped from the invoices finalised through the icon e-Way Bill
  2. Same will be forwarded to the GST EWB portal through WebTel Api (automatically)
  3. GST e-way bill no. would be downloaded from the portal (auto)
  4. Automatically Finsys ERP screen will be updated with the EWB against the invoices.
  5. Print the invoices and the EWB No. will be there on the invoices.


  • No effort of Re-entry in portal
  • No chance of error due to direct linkage
  • Big saving in time and cost of re work / edit / cancel
  • If master data is complete , e-Way Bill will be auto generated from the portal and updated on the screen live !

Manual Procedure:-

  • Login to portal www.ewaybill.nic.in
  • All information has to be picked from saved invoices and then posted to web site.
  • Web site will generate the number.
  • Note the number and then update in the invoice or challan shown in next slide.
  • Print the invoice / challan with EWB No.

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