Cockpit Reporting, ERP Dashboards

The Production Dashboard, for the clients with advanced PPC modules. you can see the day wise, plant wise OEE and Rejection % trends. You can also double click to see the machine wise downtimes and, even product wise rejections. Interested ? Have a look below.

Production and PPC Module

 On the main Finsys ERP Desktop, Click on the center of the screen

Click on the Special Owners/ MD / Plant head menu.

The New Cockpit Reporting Screen Shall Appear

It has links for Production performance, Dispatch Performance , Financial Performance (U/D)

All Plants !!! On One Click

Click on the moulding Scren to see Moulding performance of your company covering

  • Rejection % and Cost
  • Down Time and Cost
  • OEE daily and Monthly average

Finsys ERP Dashboard for Key Performance Indicators

You can click “items with rejn” for item wise analysis, sorted plant wise and item name wise.

All Plants !!! On One Click

You can also see machine wise down time reporting easily on this screen itself by clicking “m/c with D/T” *

This is an advanced feature available only to selected customers. Its pre-requisites are a “well implemented” Advanced PPC Module, with machine wise mapping.

If you want this feature, contact us at Info@finsys.in

NEXT ADRENALINE via ERP technology

See another dashboard,  It has been made on a test data, of a company with yearly turnover of around Rs 65.00 Cr

Try to get the above Speedometer developed in your ERP.

Come on, push yourself … NOW!