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“Fantastic software solutions for the many requirements of our Engineering, Spare parts and Service business. Finsys Infotech Limited are a great company, flexible and responsive with good people.”



  Finsys ERP Services - Systems Implementation...

We are not just expert system integrators..

At Finsys ERP, the service commences with supplying software. To achieve our aim of quality and timely systems implementation we provide the expertise to handle the whole project - software, hardware, and networking. Finsys ERP employs a team of business-conscious project managers who have full understanding of our applications and the technology behind them. All have extensive knowledge and many years experience in implementing our applications. Finsys ERP is committed to the total success of every implementation.

We can help you make your implementation smooth and easy!

Finsys ERP recognises the need for project leadership and training by someone who not only knows the application software, but also the business requirements it is being implemented to fulfil. We have experienced project leaders to ensure any development we do integrates smoothly into your business. Their flexible, yet effective, implementation strategies ensure implementation timetables are streamlined and that you are kept fully informed about project progress. Project managers use cutting edge implementation management and methodologies based upon:


• needs analysis
• production and management of the implementation plan
• training requirements
• specification and management of any data conversion
• master file and system parameter setups
• specification and management of any customer specific enhancements modular implementation
• system sign off and go live
• regular site reviews.

Training is included in the implementation timetable and is always customised to the needs of your staff.

Recommendations for "Keeping the ERP in Good Health, always

Finsys Team's ideal recommendations are as follows :

  • a)      One training every week

  • b)      Use the LCD projector

  • c)       Conduct the Training In a official "conference room "

  • d)      HR dept person to pre intimate based on Staff Skill Matrix and staff training history and gap analysis

  • e)      HR dept person to take attendance .

  • f)       Notify the people who skip training.

  • g)      Feedback form after the training

  • h)      Friendly Exam 6 days after the training.

  • i)     the All Rounders must also sit in Training