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Today Finsys TM is one of the top "Made in India" ERP software companies with business in Baddi, Poanta sahib, Nalagarh, Solan, Chandigarh, Mani Majra, Panchkula, Mohali and the region.

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Fully integrated accounting software including debtors, creditors, general ledger, assets and payroll. Versatile and easy to use...
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Sales order processing, Inventory management, purchasing and much more. Fully integrated with accounting software modules, a complete SCM and CRM solution.

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Bills of materials/job costing, advanced production planning and scheduling, capacity planning, Kanban. Fully integrated with total ERP solution...for Casting industry, Sheet Metal industry, Printing Industry, SME Industry, SSI Units 
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Complete unit history and performance. Warranty, contract and technician profitability with full field service management...
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Finsys - Accounting Software Solutions - ERP Software, CRM Software, Ecommerce Software

"Our philosophy is simple. To make business simpler. At the heart of what we do is to forge rich collaborative relationships with clients... and work proactively with them on software development to help them achieve their business aspirations... so that their projects and goals are realised at the highest level. Like the software we create, we’re flexible, responsive, adaptable and future driven...

This is what we do exceptionally well!"

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Finsys ERP Software Solutions - ProfileLearn More About Finsys ERP, CRM and E-Commerce Accounting Software Solutions
Today Finsys is one of the top "Made in India" ERP software companies with business in Baddi, Poanta sahib, Nalagarh, Solan, Chandigarh, Mohali, and the region 

Some excerpts from the News are

18th October 2012 Finsys at 5th client at Kaleamb, Himachal Pradesh. The company supplies Corrugated Boxes for various industries and product range such as Food container products, Beverage containers, Textile industries, Silk and Fabric Industries, Perfumes, Cookers, Air Conditioners etc…Now with existing success of Finsys ERP at 4 other clients in Kaleamb, this client wants Finsys to implement the same at their plant. 

6th January 2013 : Launch Date of Finsys ERP at another Pharmaceutical manufacturer in Barotiwala, Baddi Uttarakhand.  This is a manufacturer with two plants  . and works mainly for Third party shipments


Pharmaceutical Industry is booming in India. We are a part of its IT backbone


Finsys Yearbook 2012

24 pages, excellent info 


News about Mr Sangeet Gupta achieving First Rank in India in DISA.

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1st October 2012 : E - circular : Service Tax on Reverse Charge basis- Advocates, Manpower services, etc --  click to see the full ecircular 

 20th Dec 2012 : Finsys infotech Limited is shortlisted for 2nd Level at the  Business Today 2013- Yes Bank Emerging India Awards.

1st December 2012 : 7th Plant of a Haryana based Corporate goes Live on Finsys.


21st October 2012 :  Plant for Lami Tube Manufacturing goes LIVE on Finsys

of a Maharashtra  based Corporate at its  Baddi Plant goes Live on Finsys.


2nd December 2012: 

Delhi Based HO of a 3 Plant Paint Manufacturing company completes the rollout of the "Pre-Sales" Module, along with online NPDR ( New Product Development Requests, ) their online approvals and denails and so on. This software is also Mobile Based ( works great on I-pads, Blackberries, and Samsung Tabs )

5th January 2011 : Another Pharmaceutical manufacturer in Baddi, Uttarakhand orders its ERP from Finsys.  This is a manufacturer & has a All-India own Brand + Third Party Branded production of pharmaceuticals, Medicated Soaps, Sun Screen Lotions, Prednisolone, Griesofulvin, Chlorpromazine, Lorazepam Resperidone, Carbamazepine Calcium D Panthanate, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, & Medications.


Pharmaceutical Industry is booming in India. We are a part of its IT backbone


30th December 2010: A large Corporate, planning its IPO in 2011-12, awards Finsys team with comprehensive ERP order. The  Company has Ten factories, including Forging , Casting and Machining Plants at Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttaranchal. And specializes in manufacture of Finished Gears, Axles, Shafts and other components for automotive and engineering applications. Congrats to all. 

Gear Manufacturing Industry

4th December 2010 : Finsys Bags order ERP order from a client based in Baddi, Solan(HP). The client is into Packaging for the Pharma and Medical industry.

The client is into Corrugated Boxes, sheets and Lami Tubes.


9th October 2010 Finsys is awarded ERP contract for a large Packaging company in Solan, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. The company has a large in-house team of graphic designers, and print technologists. They offer their customers packing material viz mono cartons, corrugation boxes, self adhesive labels, pet bottles, foil printing, corporate brochures, books or annual reports, promotional mailers, danglers, posters, telephone directories, lami tubes, flexible packaging or phone card solutions ...And now powered by Finsys ERP, they will develop it for you faster and better.


8th October 2010 Finsys at Kaleamb, Himachal Pradesh. The company supplies Paper Cores and Tubes for various industries and product range such as Food container products, Beverage containers, Textile industries, Silk and Fabric Industries, Agarbatti industries, Perfumes, Explosives, Fax Rolls, Toilet Rolls etc…Now with existing success of Finsys ERP at 3 other clients in Kaleamb, this client wants Finsys to implement the same at their plant. Good Luck to the Team-5, incharge of this project. 




March 2009 : A Large Printing and Packaging unit at Kaleamb, Himachal Pradesh, orders its ERP from Finsys.

computer strength on March 2009= 3 only, Target for making all 20 staff members online

(Update dt 20.1.2011 = yes project is successful. Been through detailed audit from the ISO 9001 team, customer audit teams, and also the financial auditors

23 users are online, including the 2 Directors.


April 2008 : Finsys Bags second order at Kaleamb, Himachal Pradesh.

 The company manufactures Steel Forgings. Core target being Electricity Boards and Telecom Sector



implemented at a customer at Poanta Sahib

Sept 2004

a Rubber Products and Hose Pipe Manufacturer in Baddi , 

shifts to Finsys.

They took a special ERP for Manufacturers of "O" Rings, Bonded Seals, Gaskets, Bush, Bellows, Pertain Vgton, Silicon Nbr, Neoprene EPDM, SBT ELNAT Rubber Rubber & Rubber Products 


Sept 2004 : Order from first Packaging unit at Baddi, for ERP software for Printing and Packaging unit






Year 2007

a EOT Crane and Hoist manufacturer chooses the ERP software for his business at Kaleamb


Year 2010

a pharma unit at Solan chooses Finsys ERP for Phamaceutical Industry.



Baddi Region
Today there are over 800 Medical and pharma companies alone in Baddi. There are over 200 packaging / printing units, There are hundreds of factories of various sizes. Mission = Same = Come let us grow, let us make a better India, a better Himachal, and a better Baddi.
Benefit = Millions of new jobs. It is a Win Win for all
== Trade Bodies we try to remain associated with at Baddi are ==
* BBN Industries Association
* Federation of Himachal Industries
* Nalagarh Industries Association

Our Baddi Representative Office

Room no 101, Hotel Fern Hill

NH-21A, Pinjore- Nalagarh Road, Malku Majra Baddi, Distt Solan ( H P )

Email =


Our Kaleamb representative



Our clients in Baddi

Our oldest client in Baddi was a packaging company, in 2004.

Mein Akela hi chala tha ... karawan banta gaya

Today, We are currently serving over a dozen clients in Baddi , Nalagarh Region


Contact us

Our contact us page is << click here >>

So, if you want ................... contact us at baddi , just mail at or

contact our Head office at New Delhi at

Finsys ERP for Mid corporates, and SME's. Based on Oracle Technology, 9i, 10g, and 11g. Based in Delhi, ERP for NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Palwal, Manesar, Baddi, Solan, Nalagarh, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Vapi, Pithampur, Thane, Dharudhera, Bahadurgarh, Chandigarh, Karnal, Roorkee, Haridwar

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