Cockpit Reporting , ERP Dashboards

The Production Dashboard, for the clients with advanced PPC modules. you can see the day wise, plant wise OEE and rejection % trends. You can also double click to see the machine wise downtimes and , even product wise rejections. Interested ? Have a look below. 


"Production and PPC module"*  

 On the main Finsys ERP Desktop, Click on the center of the screen

click on the Special Owners/ MD / Plant head menu 


The new Cockpit Reporting Screen Shall Appear



It has links for Production performance , Dispatch Performance , Financial Performance (U/D)

Click on the moulding Scren to see Moulding performance of your company covering


Rejection % and Cost


Down Time and Cost


OEE daily and Monthly average


All Plants !!! on one click


You can click “ items with rejn” for item wise analysis , sorted plant wise and item name wise


You can also see machine wise down time reporting easily on this screen itself by clicking “m/c with D/T”



* This is an advanced feature available only to selected customers. Its pre-requisites are a "well implemented" Advanced PPC Module, with machine wise mapping.

If you want this feature, contact us at Info [at]




See another dashboard below,  It has been made on a test data, of a company with yearly turnover of around Rs 65.00 Cr


NEXT ADRENALIN via ERP technology




Try to get the above Speedometer developed in your ERP.

Comeon, push yourself . . . . NOW  !



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