How the Finsys is an Affordable ERP, with Genuine Investment Cost and Low Risk

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Some of our customers tell us, that they like our payment plan a lot. As a matter of policy, Finsys Team takes funds from you in installments.

a. The Advance is just a fraction of order value.
b. The second payment comes after implementation efforts are already underway
c. There are Low cash outflow from month to month.
d. Risk for non-performance is shared by the shoulders of Finsys Team
e. Customer team is to work shoulder to shoulder with Finsys Team to work on the project.
f. Core project to be implemented within 3 to 6 months. Yet, Overall period still taken as approx 12 months. This is for your comfort only.
g. Substantial amount linked to successful completion. ( That shows the confidence of the Finsys Team )

Fisys Infotech Ltd
  • What is the monthly outgo during first year ?

    Our way of functioning
  • for SME , it may be just Rs. 40K-50K per month. And for a larger ERP implementation , across many Countries, or many states and locations,
    it could be Rs. 60K to 100K per month.
    (( however the exact is dependant on a lot of factors, like locations, users, modules, complexity etc)
    Where does this money go ? =Finsys team shall be incurring a good amount of efforts and costs towards Salary + conveyance + telecon + software development effort for you. As per our business model, since we incur our costs over a period of time, we also get our remuneration in installments. So, no loans required.

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  • Do I have to keep paying for life ?

    Advantages of Finsys Team are
  • No, once you have paid your licence fees and implementation charges, you have to only take a nominal AMC.

    But usually everybody goes for it. Why ? it keeps the Software Alive. Via the AMC route, you are able to get the benefit of (a) all legal changes like in Excise, GST, TDS, ESI, EPF etc (b) Support in case of any Hard Disk Failure and so on.

    Do have a look at the current AMC policy... (w.e.f. 1.1.2016 .. valid upto 31.12.2017)

    Fisys Infotech Ltd
    Part A : Standard AMC : Value and Scope
    Amount of Standard AMC : Financial value for the AMC shall be Rs. xxxx pm for first plant. And shall be additional Rs yyyy p.m. for each next plant. The amount will be revised year to year, in proportion with the Cost Inflation Index declared by the Central Board of Direct Taxes, Central Government of India.

    Scope of Standard AMC shall include all the following.

    1. Regular Software Upgrades via our Website/download links. New Version released every month. Registered users can download latest version free of cost as a part of this AMC.

    2.Changes in software due to “statutory law changes” like in Excise / Education Cess / She Cess, TDS / GST / VAT / Sales Tax / ESI / EPF etc as applicable.

    3.Help and co-ordination in the ERP, Training the I T Dept to make them capable to handle their team.

    4.Fire-fighting measures in case of Computer crashes, Virus attacks, (this support is limited, to helping re-running of the ERP from the backup files). All Backups including database and Package / Recovery of database shall be the customer responsibility and under no circumstances, F.I.L. shall be held responsible for any problems occurring due to modifications in database architecture done by people other than F.I.L.’s Team

    5.Onsite occasional visit to your Plant / HO if required.

    6.Offsite work via our own Finsys office, as required.

    7.Telephonic and internet based support, as required.

    8.Eligibility to order for Software changes other than covered above. Financial charges as per Part B below.
    Part B : AMC for Future Customisation after Implementation Period

    Finsys offers three plans

    Plan B-1 : This can be done at flat rate of Rs 2500 per change,
    Plan B-2 : Minor at Rs 1000 per change, and major changes at Rs 15000 per change. Note: Major change includes new reports, new fields in data entry screen, any database level change etc.

    Most clients agree to Plan B-1. However it may be revised by the two parties to some other plan on mutual agreement in writing. All Amounts are subject to inflation clause. Say Yes to Finsys

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